10-Year-Old Shielded Her Brother When Gunfire Erupted in Walmart Parking Lot — Now She’s Being Honored

A 10-year-old girl, Aaliyah Inghram, who shielded her younger brother and cousin from gunfire in a Walmart parking lot, was honored for her heroism by Clark County Commissioner Lawrence Weekly. 

According to Fox News-affiliate KVVU, Inghram was in the car with her mom, Samantha Tygret, her 18-month-old brother Adrian, and 15-month-old cousin, when two men started shooting at each other. 

Her mother was shot in the shoulder and shouted for Inghram to get on the ground. Instead, she threw herself over Adrian and her cousin’s car seats, using her own body as a shield. 

“My first reaction was to get out, hers was to jump on her baby brother,” Tygret told KVVU. “She jumped on his car seat when I told her to get on the ground. If she hadn’t done that a bullet would have hit him in the midsection.”

See her being honored below:

The 10-year-old was shot in the back, and she will need to undergo surgery to remove the bullet that’s been lodged in her back. 

About a month after the horrifying ordeal, Weekly honored the young resident with a medal for her bravery and declared June 5 “Aaliyah Inghram Day.” 

Inghram told attendees of the ceremony that despite the incident being “really scary” she thought, “I have to save the baby.” 

Her mom added that both herself and Inghram’s father are “eternally grateful” for their daughter and that their debt to her can never be repaid. 

While accepting the award, Inghram expressed her gratitude and explained that she wanted her brother to stay alive because “he’s really young.” 

Tygret also thanked the county commissioners for honoring her daughter, who she wholeheartedly believes deserves “the world.” 

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