After Botched Amazon Deal, Texas Gov Announces He’s Recruiting NYC Businesses to Move to His State

Governor Greg Abbott (R-Texas) is making his case to businesses in New York City, encouraging them to move to Texas to avoid the high taxes and hostile politicians that pushed away Amazon after their new headquarters deal fell through.

As IJR previously reported, Amazon dropped out of a deal to move their headquarters to New York City after politicians like Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) continuously bashed the deal and made it clear they did not support the decision.

During an interview on “Fox & Friends,” Abbott explained that he was invited to New York City to outline the incentives for businesses to join Amazon in pulling the plug on the hostile business environment in New York. He hopes they’ll take their massive revenues and join him in Texas.


“I was invited [to New York City] by some financiers to make a presentation to them about why it’s so much more profitable for them to leave New York and come to the state of Texas. We have a growing and thriving finance industry in the state of Texas — much lower cost. And while New York is imposing more taxes on them, in Texas, this session we are working on cutting taxes in Texas.”

According to Wallethub, Texas is the best state to start a business. New York, on the other hand, was ranked 32, not even breaking into the top half.

Gov. Abbott hopes this fact will encourage more companies to invest in New York instead of high-tax states.

“These are some brand names that everybody on Wall Street will know very well, people across the country would know very well,” said Abbott of the businesses he met with. “I’m not going to tell you any names right now, but some of the biggest names on Wall Street are thinking about coming to the state of Texas.”

While Abbott is excited about the potential revenue this could bring to his state, he understands the concern from some Texans who don’t want people from blue states flooding the region and changing the political climate. Abbott noted that exit polls from his last election tell a different story.

“It’s the Republicans who are leaving California, New York, and place like this. It’s like what’s happening right now,” said Abbot, later adding, “If they’re coming to Texas, they better remember why it is they left New York.”


  1. NY’s loss might be TX’s gain. Is it any wonder that a company would consider someplace more business friendly, with lower taxes (NYC has its own income tax) and less regulation? There’s also the “unwelcoming” committee of AOC and other politicians. Who needs that headache?

    1. Dallas and Austin were among the 20 finalist. Why do you think they lost to NYC and Northern Virginia?

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