Abby Huntsman Defends Melania’s #MeToo Comments and Call for Evidence as ‘The View’ Explodes Around Her

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Following first lady Melania Trump’s #MeToo comment, co-hosts on “The View” clashed over their thoughts on whether sexual assault victims needed evidence.

In an exclusive interview with ABC News, Trump said she stood with women and the #MeToo movement but added that “we need to have really hard evidence that if you’re accused of something, show the evidence.”

“You cannot just say to somebody, you know, ‘I was sexually assaulted,’ or ‘You did that to me,’ because sometimes, the media goes too far,” Trump told ABC News. “And the way they portray some stories, it’s not correct. It’s not right.”

Then, “The View” took on Trump’s comments

Co-host Sunny Hostin took a swipe at Trump, claiming that the first lady is “telling women everywhere, ‘Your word is not enough.'”

Meghan McCain also joined in, saying that there are gray areas with sexual assault allegations and that she stands by due process.

“I do believe in the presumption of innocence over guilt,” McCain said. “And what’s being brought into play here is the presumption that I need to believe guilty over innocence, which is something that’s protected by the Constitution.”

Guest co-host Yvette Nicole Brown then said that the first lady has no room to speak because “she has an orange horse in the race.”

“She is not the woman to say anything to me or any other woman about #MeToo, Time’s Up, Black Lives Matter. I’m not listening to her about anything she has to say.”

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“Evidence should always matter,” co-host Abby Huntsman said against Hostin “insinuating that evidence doesn’t matter.”

Hostin then replied:

“Testimony is evidence. You don’t need corroborating evidence. You don’t need a rape kit. You don’t need witnesses because oftentimes, there are no witnesses during rape.”

Watch the video below:

“Have you ever known someone to be falsely accused of something?” Huntsman asked Hostin.

McCain called it “nuclear” for her and Huntsman to be pushing back on the need for due process in a sexual assault accusation.

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  1. A victim of rape or assault is not responsible for how the media portrays things.

    Come forward if you are able – whether you have evidence or not. The police can gather evidence when they investigate. It is their job. You may not get a guilty verdict and you may not even get a day in court, but if you were physically harmed and seek justice then just come forward.

  2. Always need evidence, without it you have no case. Also report the assault when it happens, not months or years later.

    • So is that your stance on the Catholic church sexual abuse cases? Is that your stance on Juanita Broaddick reporting a 1978 rape in 1998? Is that your stance on Harvey Weinstein? On Matt Lauer? On Les Moonves? On Kevin Spacey? Or, be honest, it that only your stance on Republicans accused, i.e., Ailes, O’Reilly, Trump, Moore, and Kavanaugh? O’Reilly’s accusers came forward when the harassment occurred.—O’Reilly’s 2004 accuser had taped evidence. O’Reilly remained on the air at FOX News for 13 years! FOX viewers apparently did not care.

  3. To ruin an innocent man’s life you need evidence – corroborating EVIDENCE! I can believe someone all day long but that won’t prove anything so STOP with the theatrics – women have falsely accused men for decades for a plethora of reasons – thanks to DNA many innocent men have been exonerated & that is why you need Evidence – and in this country you are innocent until proven guilty!

    • I couldn’t agree more. If you are a true victim of any type of assault you should report it so it can be investigated and evidence collected. If you don’t report it, you can’t blame anyone but yourself if nothing gets done about it.

  4. The View’s position doesn’t mean sh**. They are fanatical and they have an agenda. I hope that every woman on The View has a male in their life and I hope that male gets falsely accused of something and goes to prison. I will laugh my ass off. These individuals on The View have lost all credibility.

    • to wish that men would be falsely accused and sent to jail is not right, the women should be falsely accused and have to go through the hassle of proving themselves not guilty even though there is no proof against them just hyped up new saying they are guilty see if they claim their being unfairly treated

    • Let me guess….You are an evangelical christian. I was raised in the Methodist church and the Christian values are quite different than you demonstrate in your post. Speaking of credibility, Juanita Broaddick’s allegation of a 1978 rape was reported in 1998 and a criminal investigation was conducted by the FBI as well as Arkansas AG office. No charges were ever filed or mentioned in Ken Starr’s report—BUT Republicans continue to believe it and claim it occurred. A non-criminal FBI investigation of Dr. Ford’s allegation, which even Trump offered was “credible,” is dismissed by the same individuals that claim Clinton is guilty. If you ever get called for jury duty on a sexual assault case, will you research the defendant’s political registration before you can render your decision on the verdict?

  5. I dont agree with some this women ,they think they very smart but they come across so racial so dum dint have time for this nonsense I want to see show with open mind topics waste energy to listen so the audience can applaud to bulls

  6. Every AMERICAN citizen has a constitutional right to due process! Illegals, however, DO NOT! (Just an FYI). Additionally, most of us have had me too moments in our lives whether they are sexual assault or another kind of assault. So ladies, even though I feel for your pain, and I too have been sexually assaulted by a Gay man when I was young, it did not ruin my life. It was just sex and I am not going to look for the Pervert 45 years later just to make some lame claim without proof to assuage my ‘hurt’ feelings or gain revenge. I will leave it up to God to bring justice on his final resting place!

    • So he could be out there assaulting other little boys and you wish to do nothing about it. How is that assuaging your “hurt feelings”? Every man, woman and child for himself is not exactly the Christian values this country was once known for.

  7. This is why a legitimate rape victim needs to report the crime to the police so there is a record of it. Unfortunately, because of the Kavanaugh case, true victims have a much harder job to file charges unless a report is on file at the police station. The Me Too movement have also set women back and have done no one any favors. It has almost become a competition in Hollywood. It is obvious that some actresses have slept their way into a role, because they can’t act!

  8. show me in the Constitution where it says that a person has to be guilty by a preponderance of evidence”except for men women accuse of sexual assault or rape”.
    you know, this is what gets women discriminated against. the feminazis scream for equality . but when equality is applied and they don’t get their way, they scream “you can’t do that to me, i’m a girl!!!”and stupid stuff like “we don’t need evidence!!! you have to take our word on it!”well, feminazis, it doesn’t work that way. you get attacked and don’t say anything for forty years. then you can expect not to be want to accuse someone of something that may very well ruin their lives, you BETTER come with a wheelbarrow full of proof.or, as it says, “with proof beyond a shadow of a doubt” . and you better win. because we will be suing you into the dirt for slander and liable.and pressing charges(if the police don’t) for filing a false criminal complaint. enough of this crap. i have now seen two men , as well as a group of college athletes falsely accused. and how it ruined their lives,only to be found out as a false charge.and for t hose who say women don’t lie about this….i give you… The Duke University Lacrosse Team.

  9. Don’t you wonder if Christine Ford would’ve come forward if Brett Kavanaugh was a plumber, electrician, car salesman, etc.? I highly doubt it.

  10. It makes me laugh, there are complaints about our police officers who try to do there jobs to keep people safe. They are not believed just because they wear a badge. There is no automatic pass when they take action trying to defend themselves. They must prove that their actions were warranted. Protesting on a rise. But, here we have women saying you have to believe me because “I am a woman”. No proof needed. Give me a break. Oh by the way, hope that a male friend or family member doesn’t get accused by a female. It is a terrible situation for everyone connected, even if that female admits she’s lied. Unless you want to go to civil court nothing will happen to said female. Meanwhile the male loses everything. The View is TOXIC and certainly not my view.

  11. Do women lie about sex? Absolutely! When I was in high school I had four different girls claim to have had consensual sex with me. Curious thing was, at the time, I was still a virgin. I had never even kissed a girl. Thank God none of them claimed it was against their will as I would have had no way to prove I hadn’t done anything. It was embarrassing at the time but like most things in HS, it faded with time. I have no idea what their motivation was. I do suspect that the stories kept several girls I was interested in from going out with me.

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