Abby Huntsman Nails It During Clash on ‘The View’: POTUS Never Gets ‘Credit for Anything He Does Right’

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During a heated clash on “The View” on Friday, cohost Abby Huntsman hit the nail on the head when it comes to the lack of credit President Donald Trump receives for his administration’s crackdown on Russia.

As the ladies discussed former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s recent guilty plea for lying to Congress about the president’s business deals in Moscow, Ana Navarro accused Trump of getting too friendly with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Huntsman, however, was quick to point out that Trump has been tougher on the country than “any administration since the Cold War.”

“No one ever talks about the actual issues and what’s being done to combat Russia because that’s not the shiny object,” she said. “No one cares about that. No one gives the president credit for anything that he does right.”

Watch below:

When Joy Behar started to argue, Meghan McCain backed Huntsman up by pointing out that past U.S. presidents have had complimentary relationships with Putin. Sunny Hostin, however, followed by mentioning Trump’s recent cancellation of a meeting with Putin, which was due to Russia’s seizure of Ukrainian sailors.

“Um, when was he concerned about the Ukraine?” she asked.

That set Huntsman off. Fired up, she correctly rattled off some of the president’s acts of retaliation against Russia when it comes to Ukraine:

“Really? Really, Sunny? Really, Sunny? Trump has actually been tougher on Ukraine than President Obama was. The first thing he did with Russia when he got into office was arm the Ukrainians and put sanctions on Russia as it relates to Ukraine.”

Then, Huntsman brought her argument full circle, pointing out that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the president’s campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia during the 2016 presidential election and his Russia policy are two different things:

“The point I’m trying to make: if you want to talk about the Mueller investigation, let’s have that talk — and the dealings that Trump had with Russia before he got into office. But if you want to talk about actual diplomacy, things that are happening with Russia, that is a very different thing. I would love for this table — not Meghan included because she’s different — to give him credit on something.”

When Hostin tried to keep arguing, Huntsman shut the table down by bringing up the fact that her father serves in the administration, therefore giving her an inside look into the issue and separating her from “cable pundits that think they know everything about what’s going on behind closed doors in diplomacy and come out on television and give facts that are actually inaccurate.”

McCain chimed again in to drive the point home by saying, “The normalizing of what happened with Putin happened under Democrat’s watch as well. Abby’s exactly right.”

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Jim Brittain

Can’t watch that continual cat-fight, even when one has a real valid point the others drown it out with dribble!

Phyllis Softa

I have since 2012, enjoyed listening to Abby’s point of view. Thought her father would have been a contender in 2012, but the R’s went with Mitt. I have watched the show more often with Abby co-hosting—partly due to Abby but mostly due to absence of need for yard and garden work this time of year Knowing that most of you do not watch “The View,” special thanks to IJR for strictly limiting the articles to Abby’s expressed views that most IJR Red would all agree.


If Trump accepted monies or favors from Russia, that still puts him ahead of Obozo, who was willing to “flexibly” bend over AND let them set up, rent-free, in Ukraine. I don’t see Obozo being investigated for collusion over either of those.


WOW! Somebody who actually knows something! Keep telling them the truth Abby, until they finally get it.





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