ABC Commentator’s On-Air Description of Sarah Palin Sure Does Contrast With Millions of Americans

Veteran journalist and ABC commentator Cokie Roberts recently reacted to the idea of President-elect Trump potentially giving Sarah Palin a seat in his cabinet, and she didn’t mince words.

Roberts dismissed the former Vice Presidential candidate as essentially the worst choice for Veteran’s Affairs Secretary, telling Robin Roberts on “Good Morning America“:

“I have to say, Robin, that fair or not she has become basically a laughingstock and Donald Trump was so adamant throughout the campaign about the great care that he was going to show to veterans that putting her in that position could be a problem for him.”

Palin has long been a target for journalist and comedian mocking.

According to Mediate, right after Palin endorsed Trump in January, “The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert joked she was “speaking in tongues.”

Former “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart called Palin “incoherent” and “unintelligible” after speaking at the 2015 Freedom Summit in Iowa.

And we can’t forget Saturday Night Live’s portrayal of Sarah Palin throughout the years, which depicts the Alaskan governor as a loose cannon.

Since ABC broke the news Wednesday, Palin has responded on Facebook saying:

“We should be grateful we’ll soon have a commander-in-chief who will champion our vets and honor the promises our nation made; a pro-private sector individual who surely understands bigger government is NOT the answer; a President who promised to drain the swamp and clean up all government corruption… all things our vets and active duty troops deserve.”

Cokie also called Palin “controversial,” something that might affect her work with Congress should she appointed as VA Secretary.

Of course, millions of Americans outside of the media appear to disagree with Ms. Roberts and care about what Palin has to say.

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