Stacey Abrams Compares Barr’s Summary to Having ‘Your Brother Summarize Your Report Card’

Stacey Abrams
Amr Alfiky/File Photo/Reuters

Former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is calling out Attorney General William Barr‘s letter on the Mueller report, equating it to the same level of transparency as “having your brother summarize your report card.”

Abrams addressed the Department of Justice’s summary during a book promotion event on Monday in Los Angeles, where she hit the credibility of Barr’s account of the report.

“I tend to think it’s like having your brother summarize your report card to your parents,” she said.

“We should be deeply suspicious, especially since he had 12 tardies and at least three times ditching class,” Abrams joked as she evoked laughter from the room.

Watch the video below:

Abrams went on to describe the unjust setup of having Barr facilitate the handlings of the Mueller report due to his past partisan political activity and preconceived negative biases.

“I mean, look, in a more legalistic and political frame, it is deeply inappropriate for someone who is an avowed partisan, who in part auditioned for the job by disparaging the report, to be responsible for summarizing the report,” Abrams stated.

The former gubernatorial candidate then recalled her experience running for governor as she explained her questioning stance toward the Department of Justice.

“As someone who has a recent experience of having the referee being in charge of the scorekeeping and being the contestant, I am always suspect of a process that does not have independence and transparency,” she added.

Abrams continued to reaffirm that it is imperative for the American public to have direct access to the special counsel’s report and not a secondhand narrative.

“I think we should demand that we get to see the report in full, no redactions and no questions,” Abrams proclaimed as she was met with applauding by the audience.

The belief that the Mueller report should be made public is an opinion that has been voiced by many, including a number of Democratic presidential candidates.

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Abrams and Biden would make the perfect pair for the Left’s 2020 election cycle. Trump WILL be able to knock them out of the WH race in one fell swoop. Maybe he’ll have Barron debate both.

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