‘It Was Not a Free and Fair Election’: Abrams Claims GOP Opponent Dismantled Democracy in GA Election

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Georgia’s Stacey Abrams admitted defeat in the Georgia midterms governor race after not conceding, however, she has reiterated that she believes the election was unfair — while pointing a finger toward her GOP opponent Brian Kemp.

Nearly two weeks after Election Day, Abrams handed over the victory to Kemp, while accusing Kemp of using his previous position as Georgia Secretary of State to interfere with the election.

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“To watch an elected official who claims to represent the people in this state baldly pin his hopes for election on the suppression of the people’s democratic right to vote has been truly appalling,” Abrams said, IJR previously noted.

“So let’s be clear: This is not a speech of concession, because concession means to acknowledge an action as right, true or proper.”

As IJR noted, Kemp resigned his former position, therefore he did not oversee the final ballot review.

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However, on MSNBC’s “All In,” Abrams took another swipe at her opponent Kemp, who she believed caused an unfair election.

“It was not a free and fair election.”

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The Democrat nominee then claimed that “thousands” of Georgia voters were “purged” from the “rolls wrongly.”

“It was not fair to the thousands who were forced to wait in long lines because they were at polling place that’s were under-resourced, or worse, they had no polling places to go to because more than 300 had been closed. It was not fair to the thousands that were put on hold with their registrations. And it was not fair to those who filled out absentee ballots, and — depending on the county you sent it to — it was either counted or not counted, assuming you received it in time.”

Abrams then took a stab at Kemp, claiming he oversaw “systemic dismantling of our democracy,” which “means there could not be free and fair elections in Georgia this year.”

Watch the video below:

Abrams, who was endorsed by former talk show host Oprah Winfrey, shared after the controversial concession that she intends to run for office again — she is also filing a lawsuit against Georgia’s “exact match” voter ID law.

Her hopes of becoming the first African American woman governor in the U.S. were let down as Kemp took the victory with 50.3 percent of the votes, leaving Abrams with 48.8 percent, The New York Times reported.

“Congratulations to Brian Kemp on becoming the new Governor of Georgia. Stacey Abrams fought brilliantly and hard — she will have a terrific political future!” President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter. “Brian was unrelenting and will become a great Governor for the truly Wonderful People of Georgia!”

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Melanie Anne Miller

Abrams did not win because more Georgians than not do now want to be the next California. shShee could not come close to raising money by Georgians. She had outside money and celebrities lead the people like sheep. Then these celeb threaten Ga economy. She does not represent the state of Ga. She has no clue what the number 1 industry is. She is showing her ass like a 2 year old. Nothing worse than a poor loser. If she wants to be governor she has 4 years to get her own house in order, try again

Tony Bell

OMG – why is it every single time a Democrat loses they Whine and blame everyone else and when a Republican loses they move on with life. I don’t agree 100% with either party but I moved from Democrat to Republican a few years ago because of all the whining and crying. Grow up people your supposed to Adults not Middle School Kids!


This poor girl needs help, along with the entire fascist democratic party. What is truly appalling is the fact that losing an election, then whining when black, has become acceptable to the MSM. To look at the enormous amount of money from out-of-state sources, and the ‘hollywood’ crowd who came in to bully the electorate – then gander down southward to Florida, and consider that travesty and WHINE, should really frame our nation’s electoral system.

Madison Dibble

The voter ID laws in Georgia were voted on and passed by legislators who were fairly elected. Then those laws were implemented by the man elected to serve the people as Secretary of States, Brian Kemp. Advocating for new policies is one thing, but questioning the legitimacy of an entire election because of voter ID laws undermines the whole process.

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