Acting Director Slams Democrats’ Calls to ‘Abolish ICE’ as ‘Reckless’: Would Make the US ‘Less Safe’

Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Mark Morgan went after Democratic lawmakers who support getting rid of the agency.

Speaking with Fox News on Wednesday night, Morgan brought up issues with abolishing ICE, stating that it would make the country less secure. As IJR Red reported, some 2020 Democratic presidential candidates have supported ending the agency.

“When you have somebody that puts out the reckless, irresponsible rhetoric about ICE being abolished, that’s what’s going to happen,” Morgan claimed. “This country will absolutely be less safe because of that.”

He broke down the numbers, listing all of ways ICE protects the U.S. from immigration issues.

“Last year alone, 34,000 arrests,” Morgan said, referencing ICE statistics. “Human trafficking cases, child exploitation cases, $1.2 billion in currency seized.”

He brought up the different ways ICE addresses issues, saying that Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) are being pushed to the border to find cases of child exploitation and other dangerous situations in order to protect migrant children from being used to cross the border.


While Morgan is losing hope that Congress will address the immigration crisis, he promised to continue his mission to let Americans know what ICE does and why it is necessary.

“I’m going to be a relentless advocate for the men and women of ICE to get the tools necessary to do their job. And part of what that means, also, is getting out here and doing what I’m doing right now. To educate the American people exactly what the hardworking men and women of ICE do every day to safeguard the security of this country and enforce the rule of law.”

He put getting rid of ICE into perspective, saying it would do more harm than good.

“You get rid of ICE — think about that. So 66,000 not deported?” said Morgan. “You have just an incredible amount of people who are doing bad things that would remain in the United States.”