Activists Heckle Ted Cruz Out of Washington Restaurant in Protest of Kavanaugh Confirmation

Senator Ted Cruz’s plan for a nice meal was ruined on Monday night when a group of protesters confronted he and his wife at a restaurant in Washington D.C., heckling the couple until they were forced out of the restaurant onto the street. The protesters shouted, “We believe survivors!” at the couple, referring to the allegations of sexual misconduct against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. A D.C.-based Twitter account posted a video of the confrontation and the clip quickly went viral.

At one point in the video, somebody tells him, “Beto [O’Rourke] is way hotter than you, dude.” When a woman asked Cruz for his opinion on Kavanaugh, he responded, “God bless you ma’am.”

Members of the Trump administration have had a rather difficult time finding peace in Washington. In June, Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen was forced from a restaurant in the district after protesters shouted her out of the establishment. That confrontation occurred as families were being separated at the border. Cruz is on the Senate Judiciary Committee that’s responsible for publicly vetting Kavanaugh as he heads to the Supreme Court. The initial hearings on Kavanaugh were wildly partisan and took place before multiple women had come forward to accuse the federal judge of sexually assaulting them. Kavanaugh is set to appear on Capitol Hill again on Thursday where he will be confronted with questions about his time in high school and college when the assaults are alleged to have occurred.

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