Activists Hold Unintentionally Hilarious ‘Funerals’ for Dead Turkeys at Whole Foods

Activists apparently staged “funerals” for dead turkeys at grocery stores across the country, from New York City to Oakland during the Thanksgiving month of November.

The group ‘Direct Action Everywhere’ on Friday posted a video on its Facebook page showing the demonstrations. The video is accompanied by a dramatic soundtrack that sounds like a mix between Halloween and something from an M. Night Shyamalan film — you know, the music that comes the moment some dark truth is finally revealed.

Some of the vegan activists are seen taking out whole turkeys and placing them on blankets on the floor for some reason.

Image Credit: Facebook

Others were more creative and set up a cardboard fixture that at least somewhat resembled a coffin for the little guys. The “coffin” was then lined with more dead turkey bodies.

Image Credit: Facebook

Activists in San Francisco even staged a “die-in” and pretended to be dead while holding photos of turkeys.

Image Credit: Facebook

We promise this isn’t a satire post. Watch the video evidence below:

It’s not clear exactly when all of these protests took place, but they appear to be centered around the Thanksgiving holiday. And they will not forget the atrocity.

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The comments in response to the video were seriously brutal.

They could feed the poor instead. Damn vegans, you can’t do anything, animals will keep slaughter for humans. Even the drugs you use for your therapies are tested on animals. Gtfo vegannazis.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, oh dear,” another person wrote. “Unintentionally amusing. Are they gonna pay for those?”

Image Credit: Facebook

“So wasting that food was so much better for the environment than us eating it?” a Facebook user asked. “Wait I’m confused? This is ignorant BS for god sake people humans are omnivores!!! Even deers eat birds!!”

Another user wrote: “I agree that the animals should be respected, cared for responsibly, and killed humanely. But this is just silly. I can respect their personal decision to be a vegan. But they also need to respect my decision to eat meat.”

Even one fellow vegan was unable to get on board with the in-your-face style of protest and commented: “I’m vegan but this is a bad idea… these types of protest only make us seem crazy and hurts the cause.”

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