Anti-Gun Violence Activists Are Praising Dick’s Sporting Goods For Stopping Gun Sales in 125 Stores

guns for sale at Dick's Sporting Goods
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The sports retail giant Dick’s Sporting Goods announced Tuesday they would take yet another step in the fight against gun violence and pulled all guns from 125 of their stores nationwide.

“I couldn’t be more impressed with this company,” Mom’s Demand Action founder Shannon Watts tweeted Wednesday.

“[Dick’s Sporting Goods] is doing what this administration hasn’t: Taken action to address gun violence. Please thank them online and offline.”

The sports retail giant banned all “assault-style rifles” just two weeks after the shooting in Parkland, Florida last year that left 17 dead.

As CNN reported this week, CEO Edward Stack’s decision came as a surprise. He’s a hunter, a gun owner, and a second amendment supporter.

But the Parkland shooting deeply affected him, especially after it was revealed the Parkland shooter bought a gun from a Dick’s store. It wasn’t the gun that was ultimately used in the shooting, but still, the CEO privately met with the families of the victims and hired two anti-gun violence lobbyists.

“You know everybody talks about thoughts and prayers going out to them. That’s great. That doesn’t really do anything,” he said at the time. “We felt we needed to take a stand and do this.”

Fred Guttenberg, who lost his daughter Jamie in the shooting and has since become an advocate, praised the company twice this week, even before the news of the gun sale halt.

“I have spoken often of my appreciation for [Dick’s] Sporting Goods and the stand that they took following Parkland and the murder of my daughter and 16 others,” Guttenberg wrote on Twitter Monday. “Thank you to this amazing company for its responsible leadership.”

Ryan Deitsch, a Parkland shooting survivor and March For Our Lives advocate, also thanked the sports retail store.

“You responded to tragedy with action & carried out your word,” he tweeted Tuesday. “May other businesses soon follow the path you’ve forged towards compassionate capitalism.”

Anti-gun violence groups Newtown Action, Everytown, Mom’s Demand Action, and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence all also thanked Dick’s this week, but some on Twitter were not as happy to hear the news.

According to the New York Times, Stack said the decision to pull all guns and hunting equipment from the 125 stores was to make stores more “productive.” Dick’s already made the move with ten stores earlier this year, and saw an overall rise in sales.

There are 729 Dick’s Sporting Goods stores nationwide, meaning guns and hunting gear will still be available in most locations. But Stack hinted that a full-company gun sale pull-out can be in Dick’s future.

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I would be interested to know how NOT selling guns will “prevent gun violence”. IF – repeat – IF Dick’s is a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer (FFL), they would/should be selling firearms to ONLY eligible buyers who are required by Law to undergo an NICS background check which would automatically eliminate felons, illegals, persons under 18 (21 in some States), street gang members and those with legally known domestic relations issues.


Dick’s has actually shot itself in the foot by removing guns from stores. Sales have taken a steep nose-dive and will continue until they are no longer in business. Those who are supporters of gun rights and the Second Amendment – unlike the CEO of Dick’s who does not – are going to stores where they are welcomed as Americans with Constitutional RIGHTS. Dick’s and Bloomberg’s puppets are hopefully enjoying their anti-Rights life.

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