Activists Protest Trump’s UK Visit With USS John McCain Hat Projection in London

Donald Trump
Carlos Barria/Reuters

After the White House asked for the USS John McCain to be “out of sight” for the president’s visit to Japan last week, British activists wanted the warship’s name to be in plain sight for Donald Trump‘s arrival in the U.K.

The activist group Led by Donkeys started putting up billboards of U.K. politicians’ hypocritical tweets on Brexit in January but expanded their messaging to U.S. politicians with Trump’s visit to the U.K. this week.

The group projected an image of a hat bearing the name of the USS John McCain onto the side of a museum in London Monday morning.

“Hey @realDonaldTrump, we read the story about the sailors on a US warship being ordered to hide from you because you’re triggered by the name on their hats,” the group tweeted. “So we turned Madame Tussaud’s into a giant USS John McCain baseball cap. Welcome to London!”

President Donald Trump claimed to not know of the effort to hide the USS John McCain during his visit. However, White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney admitted Sunday that he believes someone in the White House made the request and that it was “not an unreasonable thing to ask.”

In addition to the McCain hat, Led by Donkeys also projected a graphic of Trump’s approval ratings in the U.K. versus former President Barack Obama‘s on the Tower of London.

“Just so you know, you’re wildly unpopular here in Britain. SAD!” they tweeted. “People REALLY don’t like you (though they love @BarackObama). Hope you like seeing your FAILING approval numbers projected onto the Tower of London.”

Trump’s approval rating in the United Kingdom is extremely low compared to Obama’s. Led by Donkeys used a recent YouGov poll, but statistics from Pew Research Center last year yield similar results.

Pew research graphic
Pew Research Center

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The story about the ship turned out to be false. One sailor requested that it happen, as he knew about the history with Sen. McCain and the President. The order was not given and the ship was not moved. In addition, go anywhere outside of London and the British people LOVE our president.


We should abandon the redcoats. Let them wallow in ‘homelessness’ when the continental Europeans cut them off. The sun has set on the UK. It’s amazing what happens to a nation when they allow immigrants to take them over from the inside isn’t it?





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