• U.S. House Democrats’ views vary on how to proceed after last week’s release of a redacted version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Monday.

    In a letter to […]

  • President Donald Trump responded to reports that CNN is facing its dullest ratings of the year by poking fun at the network on Monday.

    The president trolled the network in a tweet, sharing a report on the […]

    • The Constipated Noise Network (CNN) has always been proud to hold onto the bottom ratings. It will always have a few individuals who will gladly absorb their fake/manufactured news with open mouth and closed brain. As long as FOX continues to seek out and report fact from fiction, they’ll, remain on top.

    • I think brain dead Schumer and mentally unstable Adam Schiffty should run so President Trump could destroy them!! That would be comforting to see!!

  • Counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway doesn’t seem too concerned about the growing line-up of Democrats looking to replace President Donald Trump in the oval office.

    On Monday morning, Congressman Seth […]

    • Kellyanne is absolutely correct. It doesn’t matter how many jump in the clown car in an attempt to beat Trump, if you put them in a barrel and shake it, the one who is dumped out will resemble the rest. There’s not one scintilla bit of difference between any of them. Same nonsensical ideas and anti-freedom garbage from all.

  • The mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio was mocked on Twitter Monday after he said in an interview that he wanted to “ban the classic glass and steel skyscrapers” in an attempt to bring a version of the Green […]

    • So, who actually is “Bill De Blasio? He was born Warren Wilhelm, Jr. Changed his name in college to Warren de Blasio Wilhelm. When did he choose to be called “Bill” De Blasio – dropping the “Warren” and “Wilhelm”? He’s a little more confused than Barry Hussein Soetoro.

    • We should build our next skyscrapers out of stone and wood just like our ancestors of of old. In fact, of mud and straw brick. Of course only those “connected” can ever aspire to be above the common folk

      • I was thinking more like building them out of logs with plastic sheeting for windows. Log cabins worked very well for many years. We would need to cut the trees with hand saws and take them to the building site with a team of horses to discourage the use of fossil fuel.

  • President Donald Trump dismissed questions from reporters on Monday about his staff’s willingness to carry out his orders and the chances of impeachment proceedings in the U.S. Congress, days after the Mueller […]

    • Trump didn’t have to refer to the fantastic economy that he spawned, he only had to refer to the fake “dossier” that was used to justify the spying on his campaign. It was used over and over despite the FBI’s knowledge that it was fake even as it was presented to the FISA court for the first time.

      • The “Obstruction of Justice” part of the Mueller BS is the disposable part. The “collusion” claim (which isn’t even illegal) was never proven so there isn’t any grounds for part II! Throw it away!!

      • I’m sure you’ll recall that same BS was submitted to the FISA Judges FOUR times. I’m surprised the FISA Judges haven’t reacted to the scam pulled on them.

  • U.S. President Donald Trump said on Monday that businessman Herman Cain has withdrawn his name from consideration for a seat on the Federal Reserve Board.

    “My friend Herman Cain, a truly wonderful man, has […]

  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) vowed to wipe out existing student loan debt for most Americans while making college tuition free for future students, should she beat President Donald Trump in the 2020 […]

    • Fauxahontas’ plan for FREE schooling may appeal to those who have an aversion to that dirty thing called “work”. But, it Yang and Warren are elected, everybody gets free schooling and $1,000 a month to live on. What a deal; except SOMEBODY has to pay. That part of the plan will be figured out sometime in the distant future.

      • As usual, you are very confused. Warren described how the costs of her plan would be covered.

        • Sounds like more eye wash and another vote getting gimmick by the Socialists. May work for the low-IQ voter who always has his hand out for more freebies. The taxpayer will get stuck (screwed) with the bill. You should know you can’t believe anything these Socialists say.

    • Warren has released a number of great proposals during her candidacy. This is another one.

      Relief from student debt would give a tremendous boost to our economy. Not only would more people get a better education and boost businesses, but it would allow young people to start their own businesses more often, and to buy houses and cars or get out of debt, etc. Don’t be confused, we can’t lose. Ask Ray Dalio.

      Thanks, Jill Stein!

      • In what way? You mean the billions of dollars would be wiped off the books of banks and other lending institutions? HOW would that possibly help the economy?

  • A Republican senator on the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee has come out against having Special Counsel Robert Mueller testify before Congress, telling CNN on Monday that it was not “necessary.”

    Senator […]

    • The lady from Iowa should NOT be using common sense in the presence of Dem/Socialists. Using such will make their heads explode.

  • A former member of President Donald Trump’s legal team is claiming that the president gave the Mueller investigation his full cooperation and is giving the report on its findings a “complete F.”

    Speaking with […]

  • Late former President George H.W. Bush’s former chief of staff and former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu (R-N.H.) warned the Democrats that their idea of impeaching President Donald Trump was a “serious […]

    • Houston, I surmise that you did not write the headline of your article. It does NOT match your reporting, which correctly quotes Sununu’s comment during the provided interview. His claim is NOT that the public opinion is with Trump–but says it WOULD MOVE strongly in president’s favor if Dems moved to impeach him.

      • Let them move to impeach!! They have nothing. But like the the last 100 days, the Democrat house has DONE nothing!! Keep it up! That’s what the Democrats are all about!!!

        • I agree. Let any effort to impeach Trump jump up and bite them on their derriere just like they got slapped down big time by their witch hunt. DO IT, #SocialistMorons.

    • Sununu is 1 of many R’s claiming impeachment would benefit Trump. So WHY would they NOT WANT the D’s to move to impeach? WHY do they NOT want an action that they claim to be convinced would help Trump?

      • Let the Dumbasses move to impeach! Let’s let it ALL hang out!!!!

        Here’s a little hint, SyPhyllis: Your side’s. afraid they’re gonna lose..,not only that, but they’re gonna get all their MO exposed. Which, if it were up to me, would be public knowledge at this point by now!!!

    • Obviously Gov. Sununu understands that any attempt to impeach Trump will (1) greatly improve his approval rating and (2) guarantee his re-election in 2020; perhaps by an unprecedented landslide. The Left had the Mueller investigation blow up in their faces; so too would any attempts to impeach a great president on any of their phony, manufactured garbage. GOP in the House, Senate and WH in 2020 and beyond.

    • At this point, the president has plenty of evidence against those who have plotted against him At his position he can pull any of the levers of power. . I’m quite sure he’s holding the cards close to the vest until the time is right .
      I wouldn’t want to be an FBI shooter right around now!

  • A federal appeals court on Monday denied a request by former U.S. Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning to be released from jail on bail, and upheld a lower court’s decision to hold Manning in civil contempt […]

    • It was a total witch hunt started under false pretenses. The report finds no collusion. If there was no collusion why would Trump try to obstruct. Attorney witch hunts are annoying and it’s tough to get other things done. He tried to push them along. That’s not obstruction. Political maneuvers make me sick.

      • What’s your take on WHY so many LIES to the public/investigators? Trump, Trump Jr, Manafort, Gates, Cohen, Papadopolous, Stone, Caputo, Prince, Spicer, Sanders, Page, Giuliani, Prebius, Kelley, Hicks, Conaway. No one met with Russians—140 contacts, No business deal in Russia, well except Moscow Trump Tower project, No orders to fire Mueller–except orders to McCahn, Lewandowski Telling Sessions to revise the investigation to “crimes in future elections” was “push them along”?

        • Where are those Trump Towers SyPhyllis? The lies had nothing to do with Trump. And neither did this whole bullshit setup No crimes committed under this sham of an “investigation ” had anything to do with the original scope of this investigation!!! The Mueller report details that in depth! What’s sad is that Mueller didn’t have the balls to accuse Trump of obstruction!…Which he couldn’t!!!

        • He never fired Mueller!!! You Dumb F*cking A$$!!! What part of NOT obstructing a completely Bull Sh!t investigation don’t you understand? Everything Mueller requested, Trump provided. There was no crime (on the part of Trump)! Ergo, there could be no obstruction of something that didn’t exist!!!

        • Remember, George Papadopolous was FED information from the FBI through several contacts with the intent that he notify the FBI of the information (they knew about). He was set up by the FBI.

        • The “140 contacts’ with the Russians were business related; NOT involving the political campaign. The ONLY political contacts were made by Hillary’s and the DNC’s efforts and their attempt to beat out Trump for the WH similarly to how she beat Bernie out of his chances. What a crook she was, is and always will be!

    • Manning needs to stay in prison doing hard labor for his espionage against the United States. Truthfully, he should have been shot by a firing squad as most enemies of the United States are during war times. Just suck it up, buttercup. You did the crime; now do the time and enjoy your miserable life.

  • Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) called out Kellyanne Conway for refusing to admit that President Donald Trump’s campaign benefitted from Russian interference, a finding made clear in the Mueller report released last […]

    • Schiff has been claiming for years that he, along with the Democrats, have proof of President Trump and Russian collusion. Why is he refusing to present that proof that he claims to have and why didn’t he release it to Mueller while the investigation was still going on. Clearly he has been lying through his teeth to the American people and the rest of the world. Just as clearly is that he should not be in any position to receive or review any security documents related to the United States.

      • Apparently not only did you NOT read the Mueller report, you did not read the article. In Lizzie’s reporting, Schiff clearly states the examples were listed in the Mueller report. If you read Mueller’s conclusion, the Trumps’ stupidity protected them criminal charges.

        • It all depends on how you twist the facts to suit your agenda. Schiff probably had every fourth or fifth paragraph read to him to arrive at his usual, asinine conclusion.

        • If Schiff’s proofs of collusion were listed in Mueller’s report, then why couldn’t he commit to collusion? Why was he undecided on collusion in his report? He was clearly FULL of OPINIONS, but short on FACTS!!! Once again, SyPhyllis, you’re full of sh!t!!!

      • Right. Schiff needs to either put up or shut up. All he’s done is talk, talk, talk.

        • Schitt “needs to either put up or shut up.” Pretty much down to the brass tacks. He will NEVER put up because he has nothing. He’s been called on a bluff and he is stalling on showing his cards because he KNOWS he has ZERO, ZILCH. His political career is going away right before his eyes.

    • One more time. No one influenced my decision to vote AGAINST Hillary Clinton. When are the investigations going to start against her?

      • When you provide the evidence that members of the Clinton campaign met with foreign adversaries to sabotage the Trump campaign and publicly ask Iran, NK, or China to release hacked emails. What is it that you believe she did? Your question is telling that you rely upon news outlets that make a living off of propaganda & conspiracies. Are you really certain that no one influenced your vote? You simply waited all your life to vote for a corrupt businessman & TV reality host?

        • The Hillary campaign may have been stupid but not stupid enough to meet with Russian operatives directly. That’s why they went through Fusion GPS. Or didn’t you get that memo? It’s WELL documented!!
          What part of having an illegal server per State Department rules don’t you understand??? It doesn’t fucking matter who hacked Hillary’s emails, the fact is SHE made them available to hack!! That’s why State has rules…that Hillary issued a memo to enforce, but violated herself!!

        • “When you provide the evidence”, let me remind you philly, it’s not up to Chrissy to provide evidence. The evidence is in the documents you have stated here you have read. It’s not Chrissy’s fault you are blind.

        • You response is obvious that you didn’t read my post very clearly, @Phyllis. I have studied HRC extensively and therefore voted against her. The way she treated Bill’s sexual victims was enough and should be enough for any woman. Her “every sexual assault victim should be believed” should have included the caveat “except my husband’s victims”. By the way, I live on an island, and don’t have any news outlets. I do my own research by reading, including her own. The DNC chose a flawed candidate.

          • Lecherous Bill’s activities is only a minuscule part of how unqualified and unfit Hillary is. Her disdain for the police and military; her foul mouthed language (she reportedly told a young Marine guard who spoke “Good Morning, Ma’am” to her that he should STFU); these Secret Service Agents assigned to guard her considered the assignment to be punishment (she hated them also) along with her many criminal activities from being First Lady in Arkansas through to those in the State Dept.

            • It has also been reported (in print) while in college in 1969, HRC followed Saul Alinsky around picking his brain on how to become a radical and how to destroy Government from the inside (as POTUS?). She was one of a very few who read Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” manuscript before it was published in 1971. HRC and #44 were strict followers of Alinsky’s 13 radical rules and #44 used the book as a classroom guide while a “community organizer” (aka civil agitator).

        • I doubt the lady watches or listens to CNN; the lowest rated noise on the tube; but the highest rated in fake news. You really need to get some facts about how great our President is and not walk in lockstep with your propaganda handlers. America wins; you lose.

      • Judicial Watch – the Conservative WatchDog group in DC – has been deeply involved in digging up the dirt HRC tried to hide by deleting 33,000 emails and destroying her phones and internet equipment. JW was the first to uncover her illegal server. JW currently has several dozen FOIA’s aimed at HRC and State to prepare for a hearing to indict her. JW has already interviewed HRC several times along with written questions sent to her. It’s only a matter of time before the other shoe drops.

  • U.S. President Donald Trump sued on Monday to block a subpoena issued by the Democratic chairman of the U.S. House Oversight Committee that sought information about his personal and business finances.

    The suit, […]

  • Rudy Giuliani defended President Donald Trump on Sunday by arguing “there’s nothing wrong with taking information from Russians.”

    Giuliani was quick to shield the president at Sen. Mitt Romney’s (R-Utah) e […]

    • Hey, Russia, your interference in our elections is okay with Trumpsters. And hey, Iran & China, Trumpsters will be fine if you just happen to hack and release the RNC and Brad Pascal’s email accounts.

      • Where’s your proof; or, are you closely related to Schiff? BTW; why wasn’t anything done when Muslim #44 spent American taxpayer money to interfere in Israel and Egypt’s elections? Guess that was A-OK since he was masquerading as a D with the fake news media approval.

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