Actor Judge Reinhold Refused to Submit to TSA Pat-Down at Dallas Airport—Now He’s Behind Bars

Actor Judge Reinhold, who is probably best known for his 1982 film, “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” was arrested at a Dallas airport Thursday afternoon.

He’s been charged with disorderly conduct after refusing to submit to a TSA screening at security.

Image Credit: Dallas County PD

According to police, the 59-year-old actor got into a confrontation with TSA staff after he was cleared, but his check-on bag was deemed suspicious.

The incident escalated so much so that Reinhold was put in handcuffs and taken to Dallas County jail for booking. He could be fined up to $500.

Image Credit: Jason LaVeris / Getty

As of now, it is unknown what was in Reinhold’s bag that sparked an addition check.

While Reinhold’s actions should not be dismissed, it is not uncommon for people to refuse a TSA pat-down due to uncomfortable conditions.

Recently, Los Angeles mother Denise Albert, who is fighting breast cancer, was flying out of the LAX airport when she was “violated” by TSA:

Image Credit: Facebook/Screen Shot

According to Albert, who posted about the incident on Facebook, she had recently undergone surgery for a lumpectomy and was flying with a metal port in her chest as well as carrying prescribed medical cream.

In preparation for this, Albert, who has TSA pre-check, took the cream out of her bag ready to show TSA. Despite this, TSA proceeded to give her an aggressive body cavity search in public.

Albert was later left mortified when TSA removed her wig and took off her shoes, leaving her feet exposed even though they had open sores and rashes from her treatment:

Image Credit: Facebook/Screen Shot

The mother of two explained that the whole experience was completely humiliating.

Again, it is not uncommon for travelers to feel dissatisfied with TSA service.

According to a survey conducted by Frequent Business Traveler magazine:

“Eighty-five percent of frequent flyers said that the TSA is doing either a fair or poor job of managing security screenings at the nation’s airports.”

Only 10.2 percent of the survey’s respondents said TSA is doing a good job, while 2.6 percent rated the agency’s performance excellent.

From the looks of it, TSA has a long way to go before being a benchmark for customer satisfaction. That still doesn’t mean travelers should start brawls.

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