Actor Would Prefer President Pence Because He’d Rather Deal With a ‘Simpleton and a Puppet’

Since President Donald Trump was elected, there has been repeated talk of impeachment. In the event of his removal from office, Vice President Mike Pence would take his place, and for many, the staunch evangelical Conservative may prove the grass is not always greener.

However, for one actor, Pence is preferable to Trump because of what the actor perceives to be his demeanor.

“The Wire” star Wood Harris told TMZ that the president is “too unpredictable” and called Pence a “simpleton and a puppet,” who he “knows what to expect from” as a politician.

“I know I’d rather deal with a simpleton and a puppet than an egomaniac billionaire who is plutocratic and clearly racist and homophobic and misogynistic,” he explained.

Rumors have circulated about Oprah Winfrey’s potential run, but Harris noted that he isn’t sold on having her in the Oval Office, either. He claimed Winfrey would do “more of a service” by being an “outspoken activist” who operates outside of politics.

“What we do see is that they all have to manage being put on strings,” he said. “She is also a very wealthy person and I don’t want to see another billionaire president. I don’t want to see a plutocratic country that undermines the have-not people.”

However, in the end, he called picking between former Vice President Joe Biden and Winfrey a “tough one.”

Watch below.

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