Actor Randy Quaid Switches Support From Bernie to Trump in Most Dramatic Way

Randy Quaid, former Hollywood actor and brother to Dennis Quaid, literally screamed his support for then-Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders back in July.

Quaid seemed just a little upset that Bernie was throwing his support behind Hillary Clinton after failing to beat her in the polls:

“Hashtag, yell! Hell no Bernie, we won’t vote for Email-ary. Hell no Bernie, we won’t vote for Email-ary.”

Since Sanders dropped out of the race, the seemingly troubled actor has been a vocal supporter of Donald Trump.

The actor’s latest video shows the, shall we say, quieter side of the 66-year-old.

Take a look and take note of that homemade shirt:

“I switched, and I’m glad I did. Vote for Trump. Bernie, this is for you.”

Randy and his wife, Evi, have struggled to stay out of trouble in the past few years.

Since 2010, Quaid has been arrested numerous times in the United States and Canada for a host of crimes, including vandalism and residential burglary.

Quaid lives in Vermont with his wife and hasn’t appeared in any feature films since 2009.

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