Adopting 4 Baby Girls in 24 Hours Is A Beautiful Ending to Couple’s Adoption Story That Had a Horrific Start

It’s something many couples are sadly all too familiar with—the heartbreak of fertility issues. But for Jeremy and Kaley Carling, the heartbreak was compounded after choosing to take the adoption route in order to become parents.

According to ABC News, Kaley shared that they were fortunate enough to find a birth mother willing to allow them to adopt her unborn child:

“Since February, I went to every doctor appointment with her. We were taking care of her and at times, her 2-year-old son. But then when the baby was born [in July] she changed her mind.”

From there, the news only got worse.

The following month, the birth mother was arrested for child sex trafficking, and even though the Carlings petitioned for custody of her two children including the baby, they were denied. The newborn and the two-year-old boy were sent to live with a family member instead. Not long afterward in a horrific turn of events, the two-month-old “baby girl” as the Carlings called her, and the relative, were murdered.

Kaley tells ABC News:

“It was a roller coaster ride that wouldn’t end.”

But on the very day the Carlings got the call about the arrest of the birth mother, something happened that would change everything.

Social services called to tell them they had been approved to adopt foster sisters whom they had been caring for for over a year, writes “Inside Edition,” biological sisters Haven, 18 months old, and Indie, 5 months old. The girls’ family had been trying to decide whether to take them for themselves or allow them to go to the Carlings.

However, that was not the end of the turnaround in news for the couple. They also got a phone call — that very same day — informing them that a birth mother was signing over the rights to her twin newborn girls to them.

Image Credit: Screenshot/ABC News
Image Credit: Screenshot/ABC News

Kaley told “Inside Edition” that the decision to take on all four girls was an easy one:

“We didn’t even really have to talk about it for very long, we just knew it was right. We were going to move forward with everything. When you have had so many failed adoptions, that’s the way you start to think.”

The couple formally adopted all four girls in a period of 24 hours. The nine-month-old twins, Sunny and Weslie, were adopted first on October 19th, with Haven and Indie being adopted the next day on Jeremy’s 30th birthday, October 20th:

Image Credit: Screenshot/ABC News
Image Credit: Screenshot/ABC News

Kaley has opted to be a stay-at-home mom until the children are in kindergarten, stating that their focus is on giving lots of love and attention to the girls.

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