After Backlash and Bullying, Jackie Evancho Reveals What She Hopes Her Song Will Do for Inauguration

Sixteen-year-old Jackie Evancho has sung for the nation on “America’s Got Talent” and even for the Obamas, but nothing could prepare her for the attention she got after announcing she’d be singing at President-elect Donald Trump’s Inauguration.

Not all of that attention was positive.

She was called a “traitor” online. Bullies whispered about her at school.

But guess what?

None of that stopped her, because, as she told Independent Journal Review this week:

“I can’t control what people think or say. You gotta move on with life.”

She has some truly moving intentions for her song today. Hear what they are in her video above, and be sure to watch as she sings her heart out—not for the GOP, and not for Democrats, but for all of us.

What do you think?

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