After Police Rescue 3 Girls in Abandoned House, Grandma Explains Why Their Father Kept Them from Her in the First Place

Lasat month, several police officers from Chicago’s seventh district responded to a call where they found a 7-year-old, a 2-year-old, and a 1-year-old in an abandoned house.

There were dead cats in the house and rats running around.

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One of the officers who was on the scene, Officer Myrian Bugarin, recalls the encounter to The Chicago Tribune:

“I couldn’t even believe the conditions. But they weren’t withdrawn. Not even the little ones. They were upbeat. They were very responsive.”

The girls, who officers nicknamed the “Englewood Angels,” were immediately taken to a nearby hospital for a check-up while officers connected with the Department of Children and Family Services and attempted to find a family member who could take them in.

Meanwhile, the girls’ father, Derrick D. Anderson, returned to the house for the girls, but he was arrested upon his arrival.

Anderson’s mother Delores, the grandmother of the three girls, agreed to take of them, immediately rushing to the hospital to retrieve her granddaughters.

Image Credit: Screenshot/Fox 32

Delores, according to The Chicago Tribune, had raised the 7-year-old from the time she was born until she was a year and a half, but she had only met the younger girls several times. When Delores had questioned her son about bruises on the children, he cut off all contact with her.

A tearful Delores recalls the reunion:

“I grabbed them and they hugged me. I didn’t care. I needed them to be with me so I would know they were protected.”

Though she was ready to protect them, Delores lacked many of the resources needed to raise the three girls— she had recently lost her job and was struggling to make ends meet.

The Chicago police officers were more than willing to help. Not only did they selflessly donate — on their own dime — clothes, diapers, food, furniture, and toys to the family, but they threw the girls a birthday party they’ll never forget.

Posted by Chicago Police Department on Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Many of them, like Officer Mike Cleary, have fallen for the “Englewood Angels” and will continue to help for as long as the girls need them:

“We’re all in love with them. We’ll be there as long as she needs us.”

Delores says the officers’ actions remind her that there are still good people:

“I thank God for showing me that we do still have beautiful people all over the world.”

For his part, Anderson has been charged with aggravated battery with use of a deadly weapon, aggravated battery of a child under 13, and domestic battery.

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