After Record-Breaking Disapproval Ratings, President Trump Calls Any Negative Polls ‘Fake News’

While most of America was sleeping off the effects of their Super Bowl revelry, President Trump was already awake on Monday morning, dishing out a scathing start of the week for the media:

It took fewer than two weeks for President Trump, according to Gallup, to reach a majority disapproval rating.

The president’s quick sprint to majority disapproval happened quicker than that of any recent president: It took 936 days for President Obama to reach majority disapproval ratings, and it took 1,205 days for for President Bush.

The president then–in case anyone was unsure–reassured Americans that he’s the one calling the shots:

President Trump’s disapproval ratings come on the heels of a week that saw the Commander-in-Chief face increased scrutiny over his executive order on immigration, feud with the Australian Prime Minister, and defense of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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