After Saying Paper Lied About Donors, Dan Bongino Unleashes Profanity-Laden Rant Against POLITICO

Former Secret Service agent and current U.S. House candidate Dan Bongino has repeatedly attacked a reporter and publication as dishonest and inaccurate, which culminated in a vulgar and profane tirade Sunday night.

It began in July when Naples Daily News reporter Alexandra Glorioso reported that a very small fraction of Bongino’s campaign contributions came from inside Florida’s 19th congressional district. Instead, nearly 80 percent of his donations were from outside the state, with just two donations from inside the district.

Prior to writing the report, Glorioso tweeted the incoming results of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) report.

By noting the single donation being reported at the time, Glorioso clearly meant donations listed and itemized by the FEC, not unlisted contributions in increments fewer than $200. She later updated with another tweet.

But Glorioso’s report, published the following morning, was airtight. She specifically noted that a significant portion of Bongino’s contributions are not listed due their small amounts. Because they are not listed, there is no telling if those donations are from inside the district. Bongino has so far refused to disclose the location origins of the unreported donations.

Nevertheless, Bongino has repeatedly gone after Glorioso and the Naples Daily News, claiming that the reporting is incorrect.

Bongino’s criticism of Glorioso and the Naples Daily News resurfaced Sunday after a report once again detailed Bongino’s poor financial stature in the race to fill retiring Rep. Curt Clawson’s seat.

Bongino took to Twitter to levy insults and criticisms at the Daily News.

After hours of back and forth on Twitter with the Naples Daily News’ Arek Sarkissian and Politico’s Marc Caputo, Bongino entered into a profanity-laden tirade against Caputo over the phone.

Bongino, who previously ran unsuccessful campaigns for the U.S. House and Senate in Maryland, shouted at Caputo to “go f*ck himself” as the reporter suggested he seek medical treatment.

Bongino then claimed that Caputo had no right to record the phone call, which he reiterated in an interview with Independent Journal Review.

However, Caputo received consent to record the call on Twitter.

Bongino said that just because a conversation is “on the record,” it does not mean the reporter has a right to record the conversation. Bongino told Independent Journal Review he will be seeking legal action against Caputo for recording the call.

Bongino also told Independent Journal Review that he will not disclose the unreported donors’ locations because it would be wrong to “unethically and immorally disclose information that donors don’t want disclosed.”

However, Bongino has never taken any steps to correct any problems he sees with Glorioso’s report. When asked if he has ever demanded a retraction, Bongino said:

“No I don’t even bother anymore because I had long conversations with them. They don’t care.”

Naples Daily News government editor Brett Blackledge told Independent Journal Review in an email that there has never been a request for retraction or correction to any story Glorioso has written about Bongino’s campaign finances.

“Whether it’s a tweet or a story, either way it’s a communication from a media outlet meant to harm that is just inaccurate,” Bongino said. “It’s just false.”

Editor’s note: This article was updated after publication to include the Twitter exchange between Bongino and Caputo agreeing to record a phone call.

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