After ‘SNL’ Skit Trashes Trump’s Sons, Donald Trump Jr. Responds the Way Only a Big Brother Could

“Saturday Night Live” is no stranger to mocking political figures, especially those with the last name Trump.

Not only has the comedy show gone after the president himself, but also his administration, his policies, and his family.

And President Trump hasn’t shied away from criticizing the show right back:

Since he took office, he’s made multiple statements about how he believes the show to be failing and not funny:

So on Saturday’s “Weekend Update” segment when the show took aim at his two sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, some people might have expected the apples to react the same way as the tree.

SNL poked fun at the brothers, making Eric seem like a direction-taking toddler who needs snacks, while portraying Donald Trump Jr. as his caretaker and the only brother remotely intelligent enough for the public to believe he’s capable of handling the Trump business.

In the skit, Eric said he was hungry, so Donald pulled out a prepared baggy of Cheerios (and some juice), like one would for a child.

Suffice it to say, the skit wasn’t the most flattering impersonation of the brothers.

But rather than getting upset and slamming the show — albeit an understandable reaction — Donald Trump Jr. posted to Instagram with a rather cheeky response:

Donald’s caption reads:

“Dear NBC SNL I stole somebody’s snack (hint it may be Eric.) Don’t tell him. #heshungry #snl #weekendupdate. PS if you ever need a Don Jr fill in I’m available and I do a much better job with the hair than Mikey”

Clearly finding humor in the jokes about his brother Eric, Donald is eating his own bag of Cheerios. It’s no secret that most big brothers in America are seemingly obliged to try and get under their brother’s skin as often as possible.

Donald’s post not only reminds people that he’s both a son and a brother, but he’s also the father to young children — something that most parents recognize doesn’t allow one to take themselves too seriously.

He’s been a willing victim of everyone’s favorite ‘daddy-daughter hair time’:

And kids with odd food preferences:

Although SNL might have been expecting a totally different reaction from Donald Trump Jr., it’s clear that he’s just having fun raising his children, running the family business, and will probably never be too stuffy to get a wise-crack in at the expense of his baby brother once in a while.

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