After Town Combs Woods for Lost Boy, Mom’s Thanking 3 Teens Who Broke Off from Group for His Return

Police were notified on Friday that 2-year-old Logan Kline had gone missing from his home while his father had been sleeping that afternoon. Police and volunteers searched the area surrounding the boy’s home all night, but couldn’t find any trace of him.

Near dawn on Saturday, searchers organized again in hopes the boy would be found:

About 90 minutes into the search, three teens, Taylor Calendar, Jeffrey Harmon, and Fernando Ipinn, broke away from the main group and continued searching for Logan on their own, calling out his name.

Then, suddenly, they got a response. They continued to move closer to the child’s voice and ended up finding him at around 9:00 a.m., approximately 1,400 feet away from his home, according to 11 Alive.

Harmon told Fox 5 what happened:

“I heard a faint cry. I heard a little noise and had a feeling and kept pushing forward and we kept going to find him.”

WSB-TV reports that Calendar put his own shirt on the boy when they found him.

The Coweta County Sheriff’s Office shared on Facebook that, after discovering Logan, the teens immediately called 911, and “a cooperative effort between on duty communications officers at the 911 center and communications officers deployed to handle field communications resulted in successful recovery and location of recovery team via GPS addressing of the cellular device.”

The emotional moment when Logan reunited with his mother was captured on video:

Logan was taken to Egleston Hospital for evaluation…

…and relieved searchers celebrated their joy at his safe recovery by applauding and cheering as the ambulance with Logan inside pulled away:

WSB-TV reports that Logan had suffered scratches, bug bites, and dehydration but is otherwise fine.

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