‘I’m Really Encouraged’: Al Gore Applauds 2020 Democrats for Bold Plans on Climate Change

2020 Democratic presidential candidates have made climate change a top priority early in the race, and former Vice President Al Gore is happy to see it.

Gore spoke with ABC News’ Jon Karl for a segment of “This Week” on Sunday and noted that “virtually all of the candidates are agreed that this is either the top issue or one of the top two issues.”

Asked if he was satisfied with the way climate change has been discussed on the campaign trail so far, Gore noted that he would “always like to see more time devoted to it.”

“But I’d have to say, ‘Yes,'” he added. “I think that it’s great that there are so many of these candidates who are really making it their top priority and who are really focusing on introducing bold plans — I’m really encouraged by that.”

Watch the video below, via ABC News:

The conversation quickly shifted to Washington Governor Jay Inslee, a Democratic presidential candidate who has centered his entire campaign on the issue of climate change.

“I’m not gonna get into parsing the different plans,” Gore said when asked if he would consider Inslee’s climate change plan to be the “gold standard” among the field. The former vice president similarly demurred when asked to comment on Inslee’s criticism of former Vice President Joe Biden’s climate plan.

The former vice president also discussed his meetings with President Donald Trump on the issue of climate change and expressed dissatisfaction with his inability to breakthrough on the issue to the president.

Watch the video below, via ABC News:

“I did think at the time that there was a chance he might change on climate when presented with the facts. I was clearly wrong about that,” he said. “I think it was worth the effort to see. But I was wrong — he doesn’t want to change on it.”

But despite his disappointment, Gore said he would be open to speaking with Trump further on climate change — only this time, “without any expectation of reasonableness or responsiveness.”

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Haaaaa! The Gore whore raises his fat head again.
Goodbye Al, you has-been. Been dangling any chads lately?


More money at stake Al? Funny how a guy who charters private flights and has a swimming pool that uses more energy than the average family home suddenly perks up at the latest “We’re killing the planet.”

Maye you can “carpool” with Leonardo on his megayacht to the next climate conference.





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