‘We Have to Punish the President’: Rep. Al Green Explains His Latest Impeachment Push

Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) is preparing his latest push for articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump by arguing for the need to “punish” the president after a Tuesday House vote condemning his recent tweets as racist.

The congressman explained the reasoning and timing behind his latest impeachment efforts in a Wednesday interview with C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal,” arguing that a vote of condemnation alone was not a sufficient response to the president’s outburst.

“Yesterday, there was a vote of condemnation,” Green explained. “The president was condemned. Today, we’ll have a vote to punish.”

Green likened the Tuesday vote to the first phase of a courtroom trial and suggested that the House now move forward to a second phase of punishing the president. “Clearly,” he said, “240 votes, he was found guilty.

“The president is not going to lose his job,” he added. “You and I might lose our jobs if we did such a thing, but the president won’t lose his job.”

Watch the video below, via C-SPAN:

Green acknowledged critics who may disagree with his push to use impeachment as a punitive tool against the president but argued that the “indelible stain” of being impeached would follow Trump for the rest of his life and serve as sufficient punishment for his actions.

“And I think this president merits that for his behavior because he is stoking hate and fear in this country,” he explained, pointing to the president’s response to a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia that left one counterprotester dead in 2017.

“This is serious business, and we ought to take it as such, and we ought to impeach this president for his bigotry which we have condemned,” Green added.

Green first brought forth articles of impeachment against Trump in 2017, resulting in a 364-58 vote to table his motion. The latest effort may fair better, but it isn’t likely to succeed — in addition to Republican opposition, a majority of House Democrats have yet to voice support for impeaching the president.

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Rep. Green is constitutionally illiterate. There’s nothing in there that says a president can be impeached because you don’t like him.

update: Al’s bill went down in defeat. Again. Good.


Al tried this in ’17, ’18, and now again. Even with the Dim House majority it’s unlikely to succeed. If it does it will be squelched by the Senate q.v. Bill Clinton.

What it will do is hurt the Dims. It already demonstrates Nancy Pelosi’s failed leadership and impotence in controlling her party’s factions.


Green’s impeachment play may be approved in the House; but it isn’t going anywhere beyond that. He’s just looking for the glory of saying “I was the first to want to impeach a President”. Maybe he’ll insist that be carved on his head stone. #DemIdiot.


Does this yoyo have a different version of The Constitution than the rest of us. I sure can’t find anywhere in my version where a President can be impeached because someone else calls him a bigot.


Impeachment didn’t hurt lecherous Bill Clinton one tiny bit. He went onto making millions and has a personal net worth exceeding $80 million. The Hildabeast has her own net worth of over $45 million.

Pretty good comeback from being “paupers” and “in debt” when they left the WH (with what they could steal and carry).





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