Alabama Lt. Governor Admits Extreme Abortion Bill Is All About Overturning Roe v Wade

The Alabama legislature is considering a bill that would ban nearly all abortions in the state, but Alabama Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth says the real aim of the bill goes beyond Alabama’s borders.

“It is important that we pass this statewide abortion ban legislation and begin a long overdue effort to directly challenge Roe v. Wade,” Ainsworth said in a statement.

“Abortion is murder … Now that President Donald Trump has supercharged the effort to remake the federal court system by appointing conservative jurists who will strictly interpret the Constitution, I feel confident that the U.S. Supreme Court will overturn Roe and finally correct its 46-year-old mistake.”

The state Senate was considering HB 314 Thursday, a bill that would punish all doctors who perform abortions with a felony accompanied with up to a 99-year prison sentence. The only exception would be if the pregnancy proposed a “serious” health risk to the woman.

There was also an exception in the bill for victims of rape and incest. That is, until Thursday, when Senate Republicans hurried through a motion to dissolve the exception.

The motion happened within seconds, throwing off Democrats who didn’t get a chance to vote. The result was an outright shouting match on the Senate floor.

“Mr. Chairman, that was no motion!” Senate Minority Leader Bobby Singleton yelled at Ainsworth as he pounded the gavel. “Heck no! He didn’t even make a motion!”

Watch the video below:

The final vote on the bill was rescheduled to next week following the confrontation.

If passed, Alabama will have the strictest abortion laws in the country, even outdoing Georgia’s six-week abortion ban that was passed by Gov. Brian Kemp this week.

Out of the 35 members of the Alabama state senate, four are women. All four are Democrats and are expected to vote against the bill.


  1. It should have never been passed to begin with.

  2. The Democrats keep trying to extend the cut off for Abortion, now pushing for up until delivery, with option once the fetus is officially a baby, It would seem it is they that are pushing for Roe v Wade be re investigated. If the new ban succeeds what comes next? abortion up age 5? .

    1. I am waiting for a sharp defense attorney to claim that his client who shot and killed an adult had done an abortion which is legal and therefore his client can’t be found guilty.

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