Alabama Students Warned Against ‘Disruptive’ Behavior Toward Trump During LSU Game

Students at the University of Alabama thinking about pulling any anti-Trump hijinks during Saturday’s game against LSU have been warned: Doing so will get you banned from the stadium for the remainder of the season. reports that the Student Government Association at the Tuscaloosa campus sent out a note warning students against engaging in “disruptive” behavior during the game, which is expected to be attended by President Donald Trump.

“Any organizations that engage in disruptive behavior during the game will be removed from block seating instantly for the remainder of the season,” reads the warning, from SGA Vice President Jason Rothfarb.

In a subsequent email sent out Wednesday afternoon, following howls of protest on social media, Rothfarb said his comments had been misinterpreted. He said the email had “nothing to do with anyone’s First Amendment rights.”

Almost 60 student groups – mostly Greek organizations – have reserved seat blocks at Bryant-Denny Stadium, according to

Trump received a less-than-enthusiastic reception the last time he attended a major sporting event. His presence at a game in the World Series last month in Washington D.C. provoked boos and chants of “Lock him up!” from the fans in attendance.


  1. “Speech” (words, boos, etc.) is not disruptive behavior. Dressing in black, wearing masks, and assaulting Trump supporters at rallies IS…!


    1. What does Obama have to do with anything? He won’t be there.

  3. >Philip coolbeth< And Schiff, Schumer and Pelosi aren’t? Planning to impeach a president the day he won? Sounds like boo hoo we lost and we’re going to make Trump’s life miserable.
    College students should not have to be told to behave. They are entitled to disagree but not be a nuisance and disruptive.

    1. Lmfao so it’s just coincidence that THIS is the gamevv BBC where students are being reminded not to be disruptive? Who decides what constitutes disruptive anyway?

    1. “Doing so will get you banned from the stadium for the remainder of the season.”
      If University of Alabama is like most state-supported universities around the country, the cost of tickets prevents nearly all students from going to any games anyway. It’s almost certain that this will be the only game student protesters will go to for their entire time at UofA. Getting banned for the rest of the season is no punishment at all. University of Alabama officials are all-in for anti-Trump protests. This is their joke.

  4. Gee Reuter’s, I and I am sure many others also recall cheers for our President. It’s so lovely to read unbiased articles ( I refuse to call it reporting) so… keep up the good work! (Sarcasm, SMH)

  5. Either act like adults in an adult setting; OR, go back to the play yard with swings and slides. The HATRED being pushed daily by the Left will not accomplish anything except more HATE by the Left.

    1. LOL….In “act like adults,are you referring to the “Lock Her Up” chants? By more hate from the Left, were you referring to Robert Bowers, Patrick Crusius, Christopher Hasson, Cesar Sayoc, James Alex Fields, Timothy Earnest, Gregory Bush, Robert Dear? Sorry, they are Trumpers.

      1. It must really be nice to be this stupid. Do you not remember all the crimes Hitlery was accused of and never convicted of because of the administration she worked under? I’m so tired of seeing your idiocracy on here syphilis… grow a brain for God sakes

  6. Even if they are COMPLETELY WRONG and STUPID it’s a 1st amendment right, which the university as a government entity should be aware of.

    Let us NEVER forget that the 1st amendment protects speech we might hate or deplore (there’s that magic word).

    IF they choose to riot, I suggest the National Guard with live ammo*. Rioting and violence are NOT 1st amendment rights, unless you’re Antifa in Portland.

    *deterring the stupid is not that hard.

    1. Were you thinking that your suggestion went well for Gov. Rhodes or the President of Kent State in 1970?

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