‘Congress, Do Something Now!’: Soccer Player Grabs On-Field Mic in Plea to End Gun Violence

An American soccer player used his platform to push for action on gun violence one day after mass shootings rocked communities in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.

Philadelphia Union captain Alejandro Bedoya scored a goal for his team against D.C. United on Sunday. After briefly celebrating with his teammates, Bedoya ran to the corner of the field and grabbed an on-field microphone to deliver a message to Congress just miles from Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

“Hey, Congress,” Bedoya shouted into the microphone. “Do something now! End gun violence, let’s go!”

Watch the video below:

While Bedoya’s on-field statement was brief, he offered his views on more specific policies on Twitter. Bedoya expressed support for “stricter background checks, red flag laws, making a registry for gun purchases, closing gun show loopholes, and taxing ammunition.”

In a press conference after the game, Bedoya’s coach offered his full support for the captain’s statement during the game.

“Look, I’m on Alejandro’s team on the Philadelphia Union, and I’m on Alejandro’s team in support of his comments on gun control,” Coach Jim Curtin explained. “Again, 250 shootings this year? I’m on his side.”

Curtin also offered a preemptive message for critics who will tell him and Bedoya to “stick to sports,” calling the current situation with gun violence in America “crazy.”

Major League Soccer addressed the incident indirectly in a statement released on Monday.

“The Major League Soccer family joins everyone in grieving for the loss of lives in Texas and Ohio, and we understand that our players and staff have strong and passionate views on this issue,” the league said in a statement to the New York Times.

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Boyega wants the government to do something. How childish and lacking personal responsibility. He must be a Dimocrat, big on wants, but lacking either ideas or personal commitment.

Newsflash mouth-breather: you have money and celebrity. Phillie is NOT a crime-free garden spot. How about YOU do something to improve your city instead of asking others to do what you will not?

Hypocrite. Moron.


I like Mr. Bendoya’s method of protest a hell of a lot better than a knee.





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