Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Can’t Stop Winning — Even When She Isn’t Running

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won New York’s 14th Congressional District Democratic nomination by a surprising 15 points over longtime incumbent Rep. Joe Crowley (D-N.Y.) in June. However, the surprises keep coming because she just won another primary in a neighboring district, according to the New York Daily News

Ocasio-Cortez continued her winning streak, securing the Reform Party’s nomination in New York’s 15th Congressional District as a write-in candidate in the primary Tuesday. Twenty-two people received write-in votes, but Ocasio-Cortez won the nomination with a total of nine votes.

There was no candidate running for the Reform Party nomination in that district, so it was not uncommon for write-in votes. However, it is uncommon for a person running in another district to win the nomination.

While she said she is “honored” to receive the nomination, New York bans candidates from running in multiple districts simultaneously.  

Ocasio-Cortez turned down the nomination from the 15th Congressional District, tweeting that while she is happy so many people are excited about her campaign, she “will remain the Dem nominee for NY-14.”

“I’m an organizer in this community, and I knew living here and being here and seeing and organizing with families here, that it was possible,” she said in an interview after she won the Democratic nomination.

This is Ocasio-Cortez’s first bid for public office, according to The New York Times. The 28-year-old rising star will face Republican candidate Anthony Pappas in the November elections.

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