Alice Johnson Praises Trump While Fighting for Prison Reform: POTUS ‘Embracing’ Issue Is ‘Very Important’

Alice Johnson is continuing to speak out in support of prison reform, praising President Donald Trump for his administration’s work on the issue.

During an interview on “Fox & Friends” Monday, Johnson explained what motivated her during her time in prison, serving a life sentence for a non-violent drug offense.

“I didn’t allow prison to change who I was as a person,” Johnson said. “I did not let it get into me. And also, just looking around at so many other women who were hopeless, it made me feel and know I had to do something.”

As IJR Red previously reported, Johnson’s sentence was commuted by President Trump after Kim Kardashian-West and many other people brought the issue to his attention. Johnson spoke about how grateful she was that Trump is focusing on prison reform.

“For the president to embrace this issue is very important, and it’s important for society,” Johnson said.

Johnson claimed that harsh sentences for similar crimes to her’s did more damage to communities than good.

“When families are broken, you don’t have a good, strong society. Communities are affected. When one person goes to their family goes to prison with them,” said Johnson.


Trump signed into law The First Step Act last year, which provided many with the opportunity to petition for reduced sentences and gave judges more leeway in sentencing.

Watch Johnson respond to Trump after her release:

Johnson pointed out that tax dollars were being used on prisoners that could be released.

“What do you tell your children when you are serving these long, unnecessary sentences, when you no longer pose a risk to society? Why are you wasting tax dollars? Why are you keeping families separated when the retribution when the price has already been paid?” Johnson asked.

Johnson claimed that she would continue to fight for reform and for others that are in similar situations.

“I won’t stop fighting for all the people who have been left behind — not only the women but the men also,” she said, adding, “These laws must change.”