All the Things That Happened to Ted Cruz After He Refused to Endorse Trump at the RNC

The crowd at the RNC made no secret of the fact that they were less than thrilled with Texas Senator Ted Cruz on Wednesday evening. Cruz’s transgression? After giving a rousing speech, he ended it by endorsing conscience and values rather than Republican nominee Donald Trump.

But that wasn’t what they had wanted to hear, so as Cruz began to leave the stage, the dominos began to fall. First the crowd responded to him with boos:

Then they turned on his wife:

As he left the stage, Independent Journal Review reported that he was denied entry into a billionaire GOP donor’s suite:

And then someone tried to assault him:

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie called Cruz’s speech “awful and selfish”:

New York Representative Peter King revoked Cruz’s “conservative credentials,” calling him a disgrace:

Nominee Donald Trump wasn’t going to be left out of the fray:

And a number of critics on Twitter called his speech a career-ender:

But the light at the end of the tunnel for Cruz is that some thought it was a “gutsy call”:

Cruz is expected to complete his current term as Texas Senator, and to run for reelection there in 2018. There are rumors that he would seek the presidential nomination again as early as 2020 – even if that meant launching a primary challenge against Donald Trump.

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