Alleged Bill Clinton Rape Victim Juanita Broaddrick Has Passionate Response to Hillary’s Election Loss

Juanita Broaddrick says that former President Bill Clinton — when he was still the Arkansas Attorney General — raped her in a hotel room after meeting her at a campaign event. She also alleged that Hillary Clinton pressured her to keep silent.

She came out in support of Donald Trump during the 2016 election, appearing at the second debate with several other women who had accused Clinton of sexual misconduct. She even gave an exclusive interview with Breitbart, describing her rape in detail to the public.

On Election Day, she shared her support for Trump:

And as the results poured in, Broaddrick was hopeful… and amused:

When her hopes were finally realized, she shared her emotional response:

She had support from fellow alleged Clinton victim, Paula Jones:

Kathleen Willey was grateful to see Trump emerge victorious:

So was Kathy Shelton, who was raped by a man whom Hillary Clinton famously defended in Arkansas. He served 10 months on a lesser charge:

While Trump’s win does not exactly provide justice for what any of these women say that they have suffered, it does likely provide assurance that Hillary Clinton will never serve as President of the United States. Another run at age 73 after two failed attempts is highly unlikely.

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