Tim Allen Defends Roseanne: ‘Most Diverse and Tolerant Woman I’ve Ever Known’

“Last Man Standing” star, Tim Allen, addressed the controversy surrounding actress Roseanne Barr as well as ABC cancelling her show after a tweet that many called “racist.”

The two comedians, who have previously worked together, both caught headlines for expressing views that conflicted with Hollywood’s left-leaning tendencies.

During an Entertainment Weekly interview published on Thursday, Allen defended Barr and said her now-infamous tweet didn’t represent who he knew to be the true Roseanne.

“I go way back with Rosie and that’s not the Rosie I know,” Allen said when asked about the tweet. “She was the most diverse and tolerant woman I’ve ever known for a long time.”

He added that “Whatever got in her head isn’t the Roseanne I know.” 

His comments came after Barr defended herself on Fox News’ Hannity, where she apologized again to Jarrett:

“I’m so sorry that you thought I was racist and that you thought that my tweet was racist because it wasn’t. It was political,” she said. 

She also claimed that her career demonstrated her opposition to racism.

“In the real world, actions matter more than words and my actions over thirty years as an artist and a comedian, I’ve always been against the abuse of power towards all marginalized groups,” she said:

Her fellow comedian, Mo’Nique, also defended Barr, suggesting that it was unfair to call her “racist”:

“We have all said and done things, baby, that we wish we could take back and swallow and say ‘oh,’ but when you are in the public eye, you can’t. And it’s out there. But to put the title of racist on her?” 

Mo’Nique went on to share how Barr worked on her show, despite some allegations that considered the show to be “too black”:

“I can only share my experience with Roseanne. I remember when I had ‘The Mo’Nique Show,’ and there were big major black superstars talent that had white representatives. And they told their talent ‘that show is too black and we really don’t want you to go on there.’ But there was a white woman named Roseanne Barr that showed up for me when people that looked like me didn’t. […] But that woman, when we called, it wasn’t a question. And she came and she sat on that sofa and they didn’t hear the conversation when the camera wasn’t rolling and that woman was giving me some beautiful words. She said, ‘Mo’Nique, I’m going to tell you right now, baby, they’re gonna consider you different. They’re gonna call you the b-word because you are a woman who won’t lay down and take their foolishness.'”

Allen, whose show ABC also cancelled, said that while he didn’t think the network made a “political decision,” he thought it was “done very poorly.”

“I was heartbroken.” he added.

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