‘Another Display of Alternative Facts’: Adam Schiff Rips Kellyanne Conway’s Trump Defense

Adam Schiff
Joshua Roberts/File Photo/Reuters

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) called out Kellyanne Conway for refusing to admit that President Donald Trump‘s campaign benefitted from Russian interference, a finding made clear in the Mueller report released last week.

“Well, you heard another display of alternative facts from Kellyanne Conway today where she could not even acknowledge that the Russians tried to help the Trump campaign and did provide substantial help to the campaign,” Schiff said on ABC News Sunday.

Schiff appeared for an interview directly after Conway, who defended almost every question about the contents of the Mueller report by focusing back on the fact that the report did not result in any criminal indictments against the president.

The California congressman argued that “there is ample evidence of collusion on plain sight” and said that is separate from proof of a criminal conspiracy.

“That’s a distinction that Bob Mueller made within the first few pages of the report,” he said. “In fact, every act that I’ve pointed to as evidence of collusion had now been brought up by the report.”

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Conway, on the other hand, said she believed the report was a complete exoneration of the president in terms of collusion, criminal conspiracy, and obstruction of justice, even though the report specifically said it did not exonerate Trump of obstruction of justice claims.

“The word exoneration was unnecessary in the Mueller report, and I would say inappropriate,” Conway argued.

Conway did admit that the Russian government had the intent to interfere in the election, but she says it didn’t work.

“They were unsuccessful,” she claimed. “We didn’t need WikiLeaks we had Wisconsin. He won because he was the better the candidate with a better message.”

When ABC News host Martha Raddatz pointed our Conway herself retweeted posts from Russian trolls during the election, she replied, “How would I know that?”

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Frank Whiteman

Adam Schiff is another lawyer from California who talks about evidence but never shows any. Witch Hunt by Mueller is completed , and is final. Now read it, for any answers, and if you can’t get someone to read it to you. All he DNC committee members have had opportunity to ask, and be satisfied. Barr and Mueller have done their job, and now have other things to do. Clinton will be exposed by Judicial Watch, and Inspector Generals working that now. .


One more time. No one influenced my decision to vote AGAINST Hillary Clinton. When are the investigations going to start against her?


Schiff has been claiming for years that he, along with the Democrats, have proof of President Trump and Russian collusion. Why is he refusing to present that proof that he claims to have and why didn’t he release it to Mueller while the investigation was still going on. Clearly he has been lying through his teeth to the American people and the rest of the world. Just as clearly is that he should not be in any position to receive or review any security documents related to the United States.





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