Alyssa Milano Catches Heat After Comparing Mike Pence to Heinrich Himmler in Side-by-Side Photos

Jim Bourg/Reuters

Actress Alyssa Milano came under fire on Sunday after comparing Vice President Mike Pence to the architect of the Holocaust, Heinrich Himmler, with side-by-side pictures on Twitter.

In a tweet published Saturday afternoon, Milano — who was in the television show “Who’s the Boss?” — published two pictures side-by-side: one from 1941 of Himmler surveying a Soviet Union POW camp in World War II and another photo with the vice president at the migrant holding facility in McAllen, Texas.

The actress did not write anything with the pictures save a photo credit for the picture of Pence.

Understandably, Milano comparing the vice president to one of the leading figures of the Nazi Party who orchestrated the systematic murder of 11 million people disgusted many.

Check it out:


On Friday, Pence toured the migrant holding facility in McAllen, Texas, where nearly 400 single men were being detained.

As IJR Red previously reported, the vice president blasted the claim that migrant holding facilities at the southern border were akin to concentration camps, calling the comparison “an outrage.”

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Patti Harrison

She has become an ugly woman, when I see her, I see ugliness!!!


Anything to stay in the news, huh Alyssa?

Allen Zabel

When is this Hollywood slut, going to shut up?
When and if she does?
I hope she takes Hillary with her.
Two less political whores, to listen to.


There she goes again, showing the world what an absolute MORON she really is!!! Why am I not surprised!! Go back to what you know, ohhhh, that’s right, your a washed up has been that NEVER was!!


Far better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you might be an idiot than to open it and remove all doubt.
I don’t think we need to worry about global warming or the environment. WIth the direction and rate we are going we will destroy each other long before the environment does.

Jason Alsbrook

What a brainless twit.

Helen Etling

Now is time to stopping all this liberal socialist ideology before this country put out control for all inappropriate promise make the democratic candidates for president and the irrational position the Hollywood millionaires and LTGB and organization antisocial leadership


She should have been satisfied with being known as a marginal actress instead of dipping her toe into politics. Now she will be known as a stupid woman with her foot in her mouth. Hollywood has never been my go to place for important decisions.





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