Alyssa Milano Fires Up #WomenBoycottTwitter in Support of Rose McGowan — Then the Fun Starts

If there’s anything Hollywood does better than preach to the rest of us from its lofty perch of sanctimonious self-righteousness, it’s boycotts. Oh, and expressing “solidarity” with one cause or another.

So as Hollywood reels in the wake of mega-producer Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse scandal blowing up in his face like an exploding cigar, celebrities and other Hollywood-types are rushing to condemn him — and defend his accusers.

Never mind that years of accusations by young women against Weinstein amounted to the worst-kept secret in Hollywood. Now that the castle has finally been stormed and the mighty king dethroned, it’s safe to come out of the hypocritical closet.

Hence, the birth of the hashtag #WomenBoycottTwitter, in support of actress Rose McGowan, among the first to charge Weinstein with inappropriate sexual behavior.

McGowan tweeted on Thursday that Twitter had suspended her account for 12 hours, suggesting the temporary ban was in response to her blistering tweets against colleagues Ben Affleck and Matt Damon for allegedly covering for Weinstein for years, as IJR previously reported.

Apparently, #WomenBoycottTwitter bought the whole thing: hook, line, and sinker.

Wrong. According to Twitter, McGowan’s account was suspended because one of her tweets included a private phone number, which is a violation of Twitter policy.

Nonetheless, “commoners” jumped on the hashtag Thursday, as word spread that Hollywood stars would launch their Twitter boycott on Friday.

Actress Alyssa Milano announced the boycott, as well:

Twitter being Twitter, some users were quick to point to the irony of the boycott:

And PinkAboutIt pointed to another form of Hollywood hypocrisy and that of “feminists” as a whole: shaming conservative women who dare leave the liberal female “plantation” where they apparently “belong”:

Finally, veteran actress Tippi Hedren, mother of actress Melanie Griffith, shared her experiences in Hollywood — and what she did about it:

Meanwhile, the disgraced Weinstein will reportedly challenge being fired by the company he co-founded — and may very well have ultimately destroyed.

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