Alyssa Milano Posts Anti-NRA Group’s Demands in New ‘Gun Safety Bill of Rights’

While the National Rifle Association hosted its Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Dallas, actress and activist Alyssa Milano posted the demands of NoRA, a new celebrity-launched group, in a document called the “gun safety bill of rights.”

According to the group, the new demands come from “the fundamental truth that human lives are worth more than money”:

  • The right of all of us, including those of all races, religions, classes, creeds, gender identities, sexual identities, abilities, ages, and locations to equal protection from gun violence.
  • The right of all of us to know the extent of gun violence in our nation.
  • The right of all of our children to live free of gun violence — and to attend gun-free schools. 

The group further demands the federal government place “prevention of gun violence high on the public agenda” and demands “laws prohibiting those with a history of violent or harassing behavior from owning or gaining possession of firearms.”

NoRA, whose members and founders also include Amy Schumer, and Jimmy Kimmel, maintains it is not an anti-Second Amendment group.

“We call ourselves a culture hack,” Milano explained to “And we’re using art in particular to drive our message because I feel like there is no better conversation instigator than art, and I also feel like art is something that bridges the divide.

“We really wanted to contrast what was going on at the NRA convention with something that felt poignant and powerful and alive and a celebration of like-minded people that are all fighting for the same mission,” she added.

Milano and some Parkland activists had tried to get Vice President Mike Pence to pull out of his scheduled speech for the NRA convention. Despite reaching over 50,000 signatures, Pence spoke as planned

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