Amash Calls Out Barr in Latest Rant, Claims He ‘Used His Position to Sell the President’s False Narrative’

Justin Amash
Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) claimed Attorney General William Barr “deliberately misrepresented” special counsel Robert Mueller‘s report in his summary.

Last week, Amash became the first Republican in Congress to publicly acknowledge that he believes President Donald Trump committed impeachable offenses. Despite blowback from his Republican peers, Amash doubled down on his assertion that Trump should be impeached and called out members of his party for “resting their argument on several falsehoods.”

On Tuesday, Amash continued his commentary on the Trump administration by questioning Barr’s summary of Mueller’s report. When Mueller announced that his 400-page report was completed, Barr released a summary to the public while the Department of Justice completed the redaction process for the full document, which was publicly released a few days later.

In his summary, Barr noted that Mueller found no evidence of conspiracy with Russia and said there was no consensus to move forward with obstruction of justice charges against members of the Trump campaign.

When the full report was made available by Barr, some critics — including Mueller himself — claimed his summation of the obstruction of justice portion of the report was misleading because he made it seem as though Trump was fully exonerated when that wasn’t the case. Mueller only found that there was not a consensus to move on obstruction charges, passing the decision onto Barr.

In a thread on Twitter, Amash claimed Barr purposefully misled America with his summary.

Amash pointed to several examples that, he believes, show how Barr “helped further the president’s false narrative.”

In his 25-tweet thread, Amash listed several other examples in which he believed Barr “successfully used his position to sell the president’s false narrative to the American people.”

In his conclusion, Amash called on his peers in Congress to “start pushing back” against Trump and Barr for what he sees as impeachable behavior on behalf of the president.

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Trisha Barton

RINO traitor!

Allen Zabel

Like Clapper, Comey, Nadler and others. “We have actual proof of Russian Collusion.”
So? Where is it???? Where’s your proof?

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