Amash Responds to His Republican Critics Following Impeachment Outrage, Digs in on Condemnation of Trump

Justin Amash
Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Congressman Justin Amash (R-Mich.) doubled down on his condemnation of President Donald Trump and delivered a response to his critics who think the president didn’t break the law.

Amash caught the attention of the American political sphere on Saturday afternoon after he became the first Republican lawmaker to state publically that he believes Trump committed impeachable offenses based on his interpretation of the report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

His comments didn’t go over well with many Republicans. In typical fashion, President Trump responded to Amash, calling him a “lightweight” and a “loser who sadly plays right into our opponent’s hands.” Even fellow Trump-critic Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) disagreed with Amash’s conclusion, as IJR previously reported.

On Monday afternoon, Amash addressed the criticisms he received from his party and further explained why he believed the president’s actions warrant impeachment.

He first addressed those who claimed that Trump could not have obstructed justice if there was not an underlying crime for the president to protect himself from.

Amash argued that several individuals were convicted following Mueller’s investigation, including Trump attorney Michael Cohen and senior campaign adviser Michael Flynn. The congressman claimed these crimes suffice for the foundation of the investigation.

Amash took this one step further and claimed that — even though there were underlying crimes — there didn’t need to be an underlying crime for Trump to be found guilty of obstructing justice.

He claimed that the implication that the president gets to decide if an investigation is justified before he or she complies, other crimes could go unpunished. Amash noted that it wasn’t possible for Trump to know that everyone on his campaign was innocent, even if he was.

Amash concluded by noting that the Constitution doesn’t require a crime to be committed for impeachment to proceed, making the criminal aspects less relevant than the abuse of public trust — a trust he believes Trump broke.

Although it doesn’t look like Amash cares, his second round of tweets received a similar backlash from Trump supporters online, with House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) calling him “dead wrong” and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) reportedly calling it an “attempt to grab attention.”

As IJR previously reported, a pro-Trump Michigan state representative has already set the stage for Amash to be primaried for his Congressional seat. It remains to be seen how Republicans in Amash’s district will respond to his position.

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” he believes Trump committed impeachable offenses based on his interpretation of the report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller.” Well, under my interpretation of Mueller’s report, Obama was guilty of illegally wiretapping the Trump Campaign and should be jailed. The Hillarrhoid was guilty of lying to Congress under oath, falsifying records, destroying documentation, violating national security laws pertaining to the handling of Classified information, rigging a primary nomination, cheating during debates, cheating on an election, creating a fake document used to obtain a FISA wiretap order, accepting monies from foreign governments and entities for her campaign and using the Clinton… Read more »


he’s looking for votes. he knows that he will get most right wing votes, because they will never vote left. then he will get left votes who are not extreme left because they have gone to far left.


Sounds like a Democrat. You’re in the wrong party, dummy.

Josephine Gardner
Josephine Gardner

I think that Amash is a “sheep in wolves clothing”. He may represent himself as a Republican, but his real intent in Congress is to help the newly elected women to Congress with their agenda to oust Trump and divide America.


I guess we’ll see you in the primaries.

Keep playing to your non-Christian base. That’ll get you real far.


Amash is not a very smart person. Should not give him anymore time of day. He will fall to the wayside.

Raj Kota
Raj Kota

The inclination is towards autocracy and checks and balances don’t seem to function with everyone in GOP except one or two fully backing…..


This whole thing is getting so desperate and absurd it defies words. The Mueller team was stacked with people who abhor Donald Trump and they STILL didn’t find any collusion, and left it up to the DOJ to determine if there was any obstruction. These idiots in Congress are spending their time trying to take down a sitting President who is doing good things for the United States and all the citizens within it. Instead of wasting their time running down dead-end rabbit holes, why don’t they do something good for their constituents, like their President is doing for their… Read more »

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