America Awards Fox News With ‘Fake News Trophy’ in Rasmussen Poll

There’s no question that the term of 2017 has been “fake news,” a phrase made popular by President Donald Trump.

And keeping up with the theme, Trump called for a contest that would determine which cable news outlet was the most unfair when it came to his own coverage.

The winner of this contest, he said, would be awarded the “FAKE NEWS TROPHY.”

Thinking the contest was a swell idea, Rasmussen decided to determine an actual winner by asking Americans who deserved the fake news trophy. However, the poll included the likes of Fox News, which Trump notably excluded in his tweet.

And as karma would have it, 40 percent of respondents said Fox News should be awarded the trophy, earning it first place in the poll. The network ended up with a heavy lead over the networks that finished in second and third place.

CNN took home second place at 25 percent, and MSNBC followed at 9 percent.

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