Liberal Super PAC Ads Show Trump Voters Who Regret Their 2016 Decision

A left wing Super PAC is slowly releasing a new ad campaign that will highlight 2016 Trump voters who regret their decision in the ballot box. American Bridge, a liberal Super PAC, has said that they will spend $50 million in a four-state campaign aimed at rural voters.

The ads will specifically focus on voters in counties that went for Obama in 2012 but for Trump in 2016, according to a report from The Hill. American Bridge’s vice president said, “We will 100 percent be focused on cutting into Trump’s support with rural working-class voters.”

On Tuesday, the first two of the ads in that campaign were released. The first spot shows Mark, a Trump voter in Erie, Pennsylvania. Mark says, “I voted for Donald Trump in 2016 because I thought he would make a change.” He says later, “Donald Trump only plays favorites for people like himself, not Erie, Pennsylvania.”

Mark adds later, “Voting for Donald Trump in 2020 would be like putting gasoline on a fire.” Erie County was one of the largest flips of Trump’s 2016 victory and, for political junkies, has become a sort of barometer for Trumpism. In 2012, Obama carried the county — which also contains the city of Erie — by 16 points but Trump won it by two points.

In another ad from American Bridge, viewers meet David, who lives in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. David says in the ad that he works for a plumbing and heating company and that “in 2016, I backed Trump because he wasn’t a politician and that, to me, made him look kind of like me.”

He adds later, “It seems that now that he’s in office, he’s right in there with them, being all crazy. He definitely thinks he’s above the law.”

The clip closes with David saying “in 2016, I voted for Trump, but not this time.”

Trump pulled out a narrow and unexpected win in Wisconsin in 2016 on the backs of rural voters and — like Erie County, Pennsylvania — political watchers have been constantly analyzing the key districts in the state.

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General Confusion

It was such a disappointment to see so many of us being confused about candidate Trump BEFORE being elected. Buyer’s remorse won’t eliminate the harm done to this country, its people and our environment ever since King Donald The Loser mounted his golden throne, but it may help reduce the harm going forward.

It will only help reduce KDTL’s chance of getting re-elected and that is a good thing. I hope these ads will help to unconfused many more voters.

Willie Horton

Fake News, democrat lies. Trump has been an incredible president in spite of the constant attempt by the USA hating democrats to destroy him. He has kept his campaign promises.





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