Presidents, Senators, and Patriots Alike Join Together to Honor War Hero Senator John McCain

Senator John McCain’s (R-Ariz.) legacy of public service is one of the strongest in America. From his time as a naval airman and prisoner of war in Vietnam to his service in the United States Senate, McCain dedicated his entire life to the country.

McCain’s service to the country did not go unnoticed. His colleagues from Washington, D.C. took to social media to honor the senator and to thank his family

United States Presidents

Although Sen. McCain’s relationship with President Donald Trump was rocky, to say the least, he maintained strong relationships with both former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. 

United States Senators

After three decades in the Senate, McCain left Capitol Hill with friends from across the political spectrum. 

Prominent American Political Figures

Through his time in the Senate and his bids at the White House, McCain was a household name. His presence in the American political area was a staple for the last three decades. 

Although McCain’s life ended, the outpouring of honor for the senator’s life proves that his legacy is here to stay.