Amid Further Admin Shake Up, Trump Claims There’s ‘No WH Chaos’ in Morning Tweet

President Donald Trump returned to Twitter Monday morning with numerous tweets including praise for the work of his administration and criticism of those who say the White House is in chaos amidst the headline grabbing staff changes:

Last week, it was announced that White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus would be exiting the administration and would be replaced by Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, who was sworn into office Monday morning.

Priebus’s exit comes on the heels of Sean Spicer’s resignation from the White House after it was announced that Anthony Scaramucci would be taking over as communications director.

While the president said his White House is not in chaos, he started his morning tweets with continued urges to repeal the Affordable Care Act and once again noted to members of Congress that they should not delay the legislation getting to his desk:

In his most recent tweet of the morning, the president retweeted a clip from Fox News’s “Fox & Friends,” where a local sheriff praised his speech to law enforcement last week:

In his address last week in New York, Trump appeared to be advocating for harsher treatment of alleged criminals — something that drew cheers from law enforcement officers; however, over the weekend, numerous leaders of law enforcement agencies condemned the president’s words.

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