Ana Navarro Blasts Joe Biden for Giving Her ‘Jeb Bush Acid Reflux’ With His Low Energy 2020 Campaign


CNN political commentator Ana Navarro said that 2020 Democratic presidential primary candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden is giving her flashbacks to former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s (R) 2016 campaign.

While appearing on CNN’s “New Day” Monday morning, Navarro — who was a vocal supporter of Bush during the 2016 Republican primary — pointed out that Biden is facing a lack of media visibility compared to some of his 2020 competition, such as Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) and South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

“Biden’s best day was his campaign launch,” said Navarro.

She said that she was a fan of Biden and would vote for him in a general election, but that his primary campaign was giving her “Jeb Bush acid reflux.”

“I say this as someone who really likes Joe Biden and would be very happy — skip and hop to the polls if I could vote for him in a general election instead of [President] Donald Trump. But right now, he’s giving me Jeb Bush acid reflux.”

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“I want to see him pull this together,” the CNN political commentator added. “He’s got time.”

Navarro went on to say that CNN was focusing on “talking about how [Senator Bernie] Sanders (I-Vt.) and [Senator Elizabeth] Warren (D-Mass.) combined are besting him” in the polls as opposed to talking about his campaign itself.

Fellow CNN contributor Bianna Golodryga raised the point that the former vice president does not have the “fire in the belly” that some of the other candidates have as they run their campaigns, even though Biden has the “name recognition.”

“No one wants an anointed nominee,” said Golodryga. “You have to earn it.”

Navarro added that Biden needed to “prove he is a very good candidate” to “carry [the] message through” that “he is the one in the best position to beat Donald Trump” in the election.

Biden is currently considered the front-runner in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, beating out other big-name Democrats — such as Sanders, Warren, and Harris — in the polls.

The numbers support the former vice president even after he recently came under fire for his “awkward flip-flop-flip” on the pro-life Hyde Amendment, which some of his fellow 2020 contenders have called for the repeal of.

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Despite his continued plagiarism, flip-flopping, and groping, Joe is the best bet for the Dims. q.v. the polls.

Yet, the extreme-Left wing of his party (yes, there is such a thing, hard as it is to imagine) might deprive him of his nomination or his election.


She’s on CNN. What does that tell you about her “genuineness”. She’s not even a token


Ana Navarro is a pretend-Republitard as much as the Never Trumpers, the GOP establishment, and RINOs. Her idea of Republitardism is having them wear geek suits and submit to the appetites of their Dim masters.


Why did Joe Biden’s son receive $186,000/month from the Ukrainian government? And why did China give him millions of dollars? It will be more Clinton Foundation-type pay-to-play scams if Biden is elected. Hundreds of millions to the Clintons, less than seven percent of “donations” distributed to the intended beneficiaries.


Since I don’t watch CNN for obvious reasons I don’t know who this woman is. Nor do her opinions or thoughts mean anything to me. But after reading this she gives me acid reflux.

Paul Ogea Jr
Paul Ogea Jr

Who in the hell cares what Ana Navarro says or wants. How is it she gets to give her opinion on anything.

William Moore

God help America if this idiot or any of the other liberal clowns get the White House next year. The American people should have had their fill of socialism under obozo in which NOTHING got done for middle class America other that being thrown a few ‘crumbs’ all while these liberals got obscenely rich while the rest of us continued to struggle and basically in the long run ended up with SQUAT. If what’s going in Washington, obstructing all the things President Trump is trying to do to move America forward but doing absolutely nothing to help America, nothing. and… Read more »


Old Joe has failed before and likely will again as he seems to be counting on the fact that he was Super O’s veep to propel him forward under the delusion that the people miss Super O so badly.
The people want ‘progress’ not regress and the neo-powers that be in the Dumbocrat party are socialist wanna-bees. The Dumbos are divided and will soon become a completely split party.






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