Anchors Say Co-Host’s Artichoke Dip Tastes Like Vinegar—Then She Realizes With Horror There Is None

A festive homemade holiday dip potentially ruined lives on live television this week.

Image Credit: Screenshot/Youtube

On a segment of the popular show out of Calgary, Canada, called “Global News,” anchor Leslie Horton shared with the rest of her anchors a recipe for an artichoke dip and a homemade batch to try out.

Image Credit: Screenshot/Youtube

But it may as well have been a recipe for poison, judging by the reaction from the other anchors as they slid the noxious sludge down their unsuspecting gullets.

Image Credit: Screenshot/Youtube

It didn’t go well….

Image Credit: Screenshot/Youtube

One anchor could only muster up a strangled whimper and the words “it burns.

Another, face in a rictus of pure horror, remarked that all he could taste was the vinegar, to which (maniacally chortling) Horton responded:

“There’s no vinegar.”

Image Credit: Screenshot/Youtube

Horton then explained that she had “modified” the recipe, and then mentioned that the artichokes may have gone bad.

Then, there were no more words, only the spectacle of the anchors trying valiantly to swallow the muck before conceding defeat and spitting it out.

Image Credit: Screenshot/Youtube

And so it was, a supposedly innocent holiday cooking segment turned visceral exercise in abject horror. Happy Holidays!

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