Anderson Cooper Slams Trump With Split Screen of Kanye Meeting and Hurricane Devastation

“The president was busy basking in the warm glow he no doubt feels when the cameras are rolling, when he is center-stage, and a famous person is praising him to his face.”

That’s how CNN’s Anderson Cooper summed up President Donald Trump’s handling of a major hurricane that devastated the Florida panhandle.

Cooper took issue with the president’s decision to go ahead with a Pennsylvania campaign rally and hold court with rapper Kanye West in the Oval Office, all while Florida residents were slammed by Hurricane Michael and took stock of the destruction after the storm had passed.

“While hundreds of thousands of Americans are suffering right now tonight, the president of the United States decided earlier today to take time to yuck it up with Kanye West, one of his celebrity fans,” Cooper said on his Thursday night show.

Watch the video below, via CNN:

Cooper rolled footage of a CNN reporter in Panama City, Florida, interviewing a 12-year-old boy who said he feared for his life while riding out the hurricane with his family.

“That was just after one o’clock this afternoon,” Cooper explained. “At nearly the precise time, the president was riffing with Kanye West.”

The host proceeded to roll side by side footage of West’s Oval Office rant and footage captured by CNN of destroyed home, uprooted trees, and debris strewn throughout streets and neighborhoods.

“Now, this isn’t about the worthiness of those topics,” Cooper said of West’s discussions with the president. “This isn’t even about Kanye West.”

“This is about the president sitting there listening, nodding, laughing, calling Kanye West a smart cookie, saying Kanye West can speak for him any time — putting on this show less than 24 hours after the worst hurricane to ever hit the Florida panhandle made landfall.”

Cooper went further, highlighting how Trump once criticized former President Barack Obama for campaigning alongside Jay-Z and Bruce Springsteen in 2012 after Hurricane Sandy struck New York and New Jersey.

“Do as he says, not as he does,” Cooper explained. “What you’re seeing isn’t happening.”

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Beve Gillgren
Beve Gillgren


Joan pierce
Joan pierce

And u cooper what was u doing


The hurricane was still happening. There is nothing he can do, until it has passed. Is he supposed to sit home and do nothing. These people are ridiculous.


Ha ok, that last tweet from president Trump in 2012 does put context around it. I don’t feel that he is being wronged if he isn’t even following standards he demanded of the previous president.

It is a dumb request though – President’s can’t stop everything because it is hurricane season.

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