Andrea Mitchell Gets off Epic Burn on Ted Cruz

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Veteran reporter and MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell has made her share of missteps this week, and has a lot to answer for in enabling Donald Trump to steal the presidency, but she did manage to redeem herself slightly on Friday morning by tossing off one of the better burns on Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) you’ll likely hear this week.

And believe me, I know from Ted Cruz burns.

Full disclosure: I don’t like Ted Cruz, but that’s because I’m a sentient being, none of whom like Ted Cruz. But what makes Mitchell’s burn so great is that it comes on the heels of Cruz doing something that was not revolting, and dare I say it, maybe even praiseworthy. Hours after Donald Trump refused to condemn white supremacists by name, or to identify the attack in Charlottesville, Virginia, as terrorism, Cruz released a statement doing both in vociferous terms.

And so it was that, on Friday morning, Andrea Mitchell, whose standards are such that she suggested on Monday that Donald Trump had “grown in office,” found herself delivering this backhanded and completely gratuitous swipe at Cruz. Listen for the audible snort from off-camera:

Ted Cruz! Who would have thought that Ted Cruz would be more compassionate, loving, and show more character this week than the president of the United States? It’s just totally confounding.

Ouch! And out of nowhere!

But before you start to feel bad for Cruz, as if that’s possible, he has not exactly been a profile in courage since Saturday. Even as Trump has escalated his praise for white supremacists and their ilk, Cruz has consistently refused to criticize Trump directly. Asked about it Thursday, Cruz begged off, while also passive-aggressively slamming the media:

You know, there are plenty of folks providing day-to-day running commentary on the president’s various comments, on the president’s various tweets, and I feel confident that our good friends in the media will continue to provide that commentary. I’m going to leave that to others.

But credit where credit is due, for one brief, shining moment this week, Ted Cruz was less awful than someone, even if that someone was Donald Trump.

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