Andrew Cuomo Hits Trump Amid Border Wall Shutdown: ‘America’s Only Threat is From Within’

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo blasted President Donald Trump during his inauguration speech on Tuesday, saying, “America’s only threat is from within.”

Cuomo, who was entangled in a closely-watched but non-competitive primary race against progressive challenger Cynthia Nixon, avoided name-dropping Trump but did say that the government “has sought to demonize our differences and make our diversity our greatest weakness rather than our greatest strength,” according to a report from the New York Times.

Adding to the symbolism was the setting of Cuomo’s third inauguration address: Ellis Island. The island was the first stop for millions of immigrants.

At the same time, President Trump has shut down the government over funding for his border wall. And Cuomo was pretty transparent on his attacks on the funding fight, saying, “Let New York say that the federal government may shut itself down but it will never extinguish the Statue of Liberty’s torch. It will never erase the words of her poem.”

The governor has said that he won’t be among the ever-deepening field of Democrats hoping to unseat Trump in 2020, but for some, he’s become emblematic of the Democrats’ constant struggle to bridge the divide between the progressive and traditional branches of their party.

Cuomo represents the New York Democratic machine, and the Times reported that his inauguration speech was attended by the political fat cats that keep that machine running.

During his campaign, he railed pretty regularly against the Trump administration and the move to keep Ellis Island open is coming at the expense of his own administration — the island is under the Statue of Liberty National Monument and without government funding, it would be shut down. Around the country, other national parks have closed their doors.

Cuomo will serve four terms and New York is a state where the governors are not term-limited, meaning he can keep on running for his seat for as long as we wants to.

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Mary Rawlins

You are an idiot!


“Adding to the symbolism was the setting of Cuomo’s third inauguration address: Ellis Island.”

Every immigrant that came through Ellis Island was a LEGAL immigrant! Dumbass Cuomo.


“‘America’s Only Threat is From Within”……from people like Cuomo


live short trump

Paige Jennings

you are accurate – “the usa’s most effective threat is from within.” – and you are the risk. Please get up and recite the pledge of Alligence and placed your hand on a bible at the same time as you do it…. or are you fearful of lightning thrown by using God.

Rick Oringel

Keep letting the criminals get freedom from their sentences to get even with Trump for winning his election and have them commit a crime when they are out on the street and your governorship will end despite the dumb politics. Pray they behave.

Kimberly Weiler

Cuomo you are absolutely correct the threat is from within as long as your dumb ass keeps letting murders out of prison. Fu—tard!!!


Cuomo is a lying, cheating, corrupt Democrat. We spend $billions on the illegals. Money that could be better spent on infrastructure and housing. ‘These hoards that cross our borders illegally need to be sent packing. Let Mexico support them. Where was Cuomo when the Democrat Presidents and Congress spent $billions on the other sections of the wall. Oh, that was different. Believe nothing a Democrat says.





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