Andrew Yang Says Trump Is ‘So Fat,’ Challenges Him to ‘Any Physical or Mental Feat Under the Sun’

Gabriela Bhaskar/Reuters

Democratic presidential contender Andrew Yang is a long-shot candidate, but he’s been running quite the race and is known for making the occasional outlandish remark or unique policy proposal. But his latest quip last week was still an eyebrow-raiser — speaking to reporters in Iowa, Yang called Trump “so fat” and challenged him to “any physical or mental feat under the sun.”

His remarks, according to The Atlantic, came shortly after he left the stage where he was speaking at a gun control forum.

Yang told the reporter, “I challenge Donald Trump to any physical or mental feat under the sun. I mean, gosh, what could that guy beat me at, being a slob?”

“What could Donald Trump possibly be better than me at? An eating contest?

He added later, “What could Donald Trump possibly be better than me at? An eating contest? Like something that involved trying to keep something on the ground and having really large body mass? Like, if there was a hot-air balloon that was rising and you needed to try and keep it on the ground, he would be better than me at that? Because he is so fat.”

Yang is currently polling in 9th place, according to the RealClearPolitics average. He’s also one of only nine candidates who have qualified for the September debates.

This isn’t even the first time that Trump has been challenged to a feat of physical prowess ahead of the 2020 election. Front-runner Joe Biden joked in mid-July that he would challenge the president to a push-up contest. Biden said in an MSNBC interview, “I would say, ‘Come on Donald, come on man. How many push-ups do you want to do here, pal?'”

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This no body Yang needs to go back where he came from – even if it hurts his momma.


All I hear from Yank My Wang is: “My dick cost a late night fee Your dick got the HIV My dick plays on the double feature screen Your dick went straight to DVD My dick, bigger than a bridge Your dick look like a little kid’s My dick, large like the Chargers, the whole team Your shit look like you fourteen My dick, locked in a cage, right Your dick suffer from stage fright My dick, so hot, it’s stolen Your dick look like Gary Coleman My dick, pink and big Your dick stinks like shit My dick got… Read more »


Sure Andy. Trump challenges you to win your party’s nomination and then the presidency.

That was TOO easy.

Jack Curtis

are we going to start the Your Mamma Jokes next? `I was impressed with Yang at first but he just lost me there





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