The Andrew Yang Media Blackout Might Be Real

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Since his campaign began, Andrew Yang has said the media was unfairly ignoring him. A recent slew of data shows he might be right.

The entrepreneur turned Democratic nominee for president has been slowly climbing the polls, but the attention he gets from the media doesn’t seem to reflect that. In the latest data crunched by Axios, the TV News Archive found that Michael Bloomberg has gotten 4,486 mentions on television in November alone. Yang, on the other hand, has gotten just 2,167 mentions throughout his entire campaign.

Despite getting more than twice the television mentions of Yang’s entire campaign in November alone, Bloomberg was polling behind Yang for almost the entire month, according to RealClearPolitics averages. On one day, November 20th, Bloomberg passed Yang, before dropping below him again on November 21st.

It’s not just television mentions, either. Last month, Yang announced on Twitter that he would refuse an invitation to appear on MSNBC unless they apologized for their unfair coverage of his campaign. Yang cited several instances where MSNBC left him off of polling graphics but included candidates he was polling better than. He also said he got a “fraction” of the speaking time he should have during MSNBC televised debates.

Yang said MSNBC had omitted him from polling graphics more than 12 times, called him “John Yang” on-air and had not given him proper speaking time at the debates.

Business Insider crunched the numbers on the latter of Yang’s complaints and found that they were warranted. The Insider data analysis found that “Yang has had the least amount of speaking time in Democratic debate compared to how much we would expect him to speak given his polling numbers.”

All told, Yang is losing out on valuable free media that has led his supporters to use the hashtag #YangMediaBlackout to spread the word. And if his comparative numbers with Bloomberg are any indication, the alleged blackout is hurting him. RealClearPolitics polling average flipped on December 1st and — this time — it looks like Bloomberg’s lead over Yang is holding steady.

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General Confusion

“MSNBC is very fat left wing you dumbass. Ever hear of Rachel Maddow? Lawrence O’Donnell? Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper on CNN? Most Billionaires in the US are liberals.” Thomas Luby That is patently not true. Just because some or all of them resist King Donald The Loser doesn’t make them liberals. Some of them may have some liberal social issue views, but then so do some in the American Fascist Party. I don’t consider any of those people as “lefties”. Centrists, maybe, who lean to the right a lot. Multi-millionaires as a group want to protect their wealth, so… Read more »

General Confusion

“data shows he might be right” Article

What do you mean “might be right”? Your article lays out the evidence showing the bias. This is what the corporate and conservative media giants DO. They have no interest or incentive to rock their very stable, comfortable boat. This is the very essence of being conservative – no change. Why would they create a fair field for liberal candidates who would create real change?

I am confused as to why there is any doubt.





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